Your sex drive has hit the rock bottom after all these weeks of lockdown? Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution for you!


All this staying indoor has been a big threat to everyone’s sex life. Especially, for the unluckiest who weren’t able to isolate with a partner and spice things up during lockdown. Many people, in fact, were forced to spend long days home alone, dreaming about the day they could get out there and have sex again. However, now that meeting with someone outside the household is possible again, getting sexual seems more complicated than expected. With the new “bubble rule”, the prospect of sex is certainly real! Yet, there is something intimidating about it!

Frustrating, yes. But absolutely normal!

We get it. after all this abstinence, all you want is the sex when you rip off your clothes and bound under the sheets like in a movie. But, just the idea of getting intimate again makes you tremble with fear!

Breath. All you need is confidence!

Confidence is one of the sexiest traits anyone can have. When you feel good about yourself, with the right self-awareness the whole flirting/sex experience is a hell of a lot better! In case you’ve mixed feeling about the time, you’ll get physical again, have a read of the tips below and let the game begin! 😉

It all starts with you

First and foremost: it all starts outside the bedroom. Before jumping in someone’s arms, start by paying some good attention to yourself and make sure you are happy with yourself.
Feeling uncomfortable with your body after lockdown is an absolutely common thing.

However, you can clearly feel better about it, and here is how:

Get to know your body and start appreciating it for what it is. Start by taking a proper long look at yourself naked. Believe it or not, it can have a really positive effect on the way you perceive yourself and your body. The more you do it, the more you will find something you like. At the same time, seeing often your body will enable you to know your shapes increasing in this way your self-awareness and making you feel more confident.
This said, cutting off all that comfy food in front of your fav Netflix series is also a good idea! 😛


Let’s admit it. Masturbating is always a good idea. But apart from this, it can be really helpful to build confidence between you and your sexuality. It creates a sort of bridge between yourself and your deepest pleasures.

Be naughty in front of a camera!

A sexy photoshoot can be a really good help. Taking nude pictures when you are by yourself is a really good way to feel sexy again! You don’t have to send it to someone, it’s something you can do solely for your own pleasure… unless you really want to be cheeky! 😛

Hello stranger!

To bring your confidence to the next level, another thing you can do is to seduce strangers!
When seeing that you can still seduce others, despite the long period of time you’ve been locked in the house will instantly make you feel good about yourself! Next time you’ll pop into someone you like, try to give him a sexy look and see his reaction. If that is intimidating, then a simple smile can be a really good starter!


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