What if you could predict if your partner is actually the right one for you? All you need is to pay attention to some subtle, yet essential, red flags…


Let’s be honest. Relationships are complicated. No matter how good it feels, you can never really know what to expect next. But what if you could, somehow, foresee the future? What if you could predict if your partner is actually the right one for you? Well, while you don’t have superpowers to read someone’s mind, still, there’s a way to know if he/she is worthy, or not, of your time. All you need is to pay attention to some subtle, yet essential, red flags…

Look, nobody is perfect, and sometimes in order to make the relationship work you need to find compromises or simply accept your partner for who they are. However, some behaviors are such big red flags that you shouldn’t ignore, not even in front of the person of your dreams! Often, especially with someone we really like, we tend to ignore ‘little things’ that make us upset, believing that it’s nothing to worry about. Or perhaps, we live the relationship completely unaware of what is really going on, living an illusion until being caught by bad surprises.

Now, let’s be straightforward: people reveal themselves slowly. Yet, the very early stage of your relationship can tell you a lot about the person you’re dating. To save you time, energy, and obviously lots of tears, we’ve prepared a list of situations you should not underestimate if you really want to avoid disappointments and, obviously, heartbreaks. So, keep on reading!

1. They give you too many compliments

He/she’s really nice and makes you feel special giving you lots of compliments. Well, maybe too many compliments. Having someone obsessed with you may sound cool, initially. But in reality, is actually kinda creepy. If you’ve experienced something like this, you should also know that their admiration may not be totally real. Partners who are excessively enthusiastic about you are usually creating the image of an ‘ideal relationship’ which will suddenly disappear as soon as things don’t go according to their expectations. When this happens, be ready for the worse!

2. They talk too bad of their ex

Yeah, ex-partners are certainly not the best, and talking bad of them can be normal. However, if your partner keeps blaming them for everything bad happened, that’s a clear red flag you shouldn’t ignore. Why? Well, simply because it reveals they’re unable to assume their own responsibilities. After all it is not always only once fault!

3. They are mean to their family

Having problems with the family is quite common. Being mean and disrespectful shouldn’t be an option. If you notice a lack of respect and manner with parents or any other close member of the family, take a big step back. You don’t want to build a family with someone like this, do ya?

4. They cheated on their ex with You

This one probably does not even need any explanations. If they cheated on their ex to end up with you, stay in alert, the next one could be you!

5. They want your passwords

Wait, what? Being in a healthy relationship means to live together while maintaining your personal privacy. And if your partner doesn’t get this, that’s certainly a big No-No.

6. They don’t like to praise you

Having a partner who is supportive is vital for a good relationship and your own happiness. If you’ve realized that your partner tends to be unsupportive or even to diminish your personality and your choices, chances are that you are with the wrong person. Have a little think and consider if you really want to be with someone who won’t really be part of your achievements.

7. They are never sorry

Arguments and misunderstandings are part of the relationships. So is apologizing. If your partner is never sorry, it means that they’re unable to see outside their vision. In the long term, this will cause further issues and will leave you to deal with someone who does not really care about your opinion, nor your feelings. Try to find compromises, if this doesn’t work, raise your heels and bye-bye!

8. They try to change you

As mentioned above, maintaining your personal life and your personal integrity is essential in a happy relationship. However, some people tend to push their partners to change, in order to obtain what’s really their type. This can be in many different ways. Whether is body shape, style, hobbies, or even a job or friends. What’s for sure is that if something like this happens, the only thing left to change is nothing but your partner!


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