While you can’t be with him/her physically during the holidays, still there are many ways to keep safe and sound your discreet relationship!


It’s summer, perfect time for some holidays to recover from g the lockdown and making the most of these British sunny days! The weather keeps being surprisingly hot and… so should be also your relationship with the ‘other’ partner!

So, let’s see you’ve been locked down with your official partner for months, and now that you can finally take a vacation (or staycation if you prefer), you feel still trapped by having your spouse around… All you want perhaps is to be with the flame you’ve met recently on Gleedenand to spend some glorious and secret encounter with the person who kept you company during that nightmare of a lockdown. Don’t worry, we got you. While you can’t be with him/her physically, still there are many ways to keep save your discreet relationship, and keep flirting even if miles away from each other!
Here is how…

Holy technology!

Yeah, god bless your smartphone. Technology is good and can be really helpful to escape from the real and sad marital life to enjoy some intriguing and naughty flirt even when your partner is nearby. So, first and foremost, make sure you will keep in touch. Let the, know about yourself, and that you think of them, or the other person may think you’re enjoying the company of your partner. Which is absolutely not the case, right?

Make them feel they’re with you!

Whether you’re a maniac photographer or you’re more like a ‘enjoy the moment’ person, make sure to show your new flirt the places you visit. It’s is a simple and easy way to let them know you think of them and also to let them be part of your trip. Do so and you’ll have to expect only good things when you’ll be back home!

Make them melt!

It’s summer, it’s sunny and the weather is incredibly gorgeous and so you are! Landscapes and food dishes are always a nice thing to share. Yet, don’t forget that what the other person cares more about is nothing but you! So, make sure to send them a nice picture of yourself, especially when you’re in a nice summer dress, bikini or… why not, maybe naked after the shower! It will give them a turn on, and will keep them think of you, constantly!

Use your words!

Keeping someone entertained visually can be very easy. But nothing is more powerful than your words! When you feel like, start some sexting! Talk dirty and let them know all things you would do if you were with them. Get naughty and bring out all your sexual desires. It will make you both keep attractant, connected, and obviously horny!

Keeping your other partner connected during the holiday is important to ensure your relationship will not suffer from the distance and most importantly from the apparently happy times with the spouse… follow these simple tips, enjoy your time away from home and keep on flirting!

Happy Holidays!!!


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