Enjoying a good date, even if socially distanced, is possible. All you need is good sense of adaptation and…. a bit of creativity!


Now that the social distancing rules allow us to go outdoor again, you may have thought of meeting up with someone you met online and enjoy the perks of a date IRL (even if socially distanced 2 meters apart)!!!

Lockdown has changed the way people date. While before you could get to know your better half in front of a nice glass of wine sat in a restaurant, now things are slightly (well, maybe a bit more) different. In the past four months, some people may have given up dating, while others cheered up with some virtual flirts and consumed all their Gigabytes on video calls. Yet, no technology can replace a good date in real life… Well, well, well… With the new measurements, meeting up with your potential date is possible again. Yet you must maintain the distance, no matter your level of horniness! After months of being restraint from your sexual desire, dating and knowing that you won’t do even simple kissing is cruel, but hey… Better than nothing, right? Enjoying a good date, even if with social distancing rules in place, is possible. To make this happen, all you need is good sense of adaptation and…. a bit of creativity!

Here are some ideas for you….

1. Picnic Date

It’s summer, and so far, the British weather is being really good to us (*_*). So, why not taking advantage of these sunny days of August and organizing a picnic date with your potential future partner? If you’re craving for a date, but don’t know how to make it socially distanced acceptable, a picnic at the park or in some fields (if you’re in the countryside) is an absolutely awesome way to create an intimate environment even if with people passing around! What are you waiting for? Bring out a blanket, nibbles, drinks and… enjoy!

2. Beach Date

You don’t need to travel to the Canary Islands to enjoy a nice day at the beach. Yeah, UK are probably not the best-known country for a hot summery day at the seaside. Yet, there are so many mesmerizing coasts where to go on a day trip and spend a romantic social distanced walk at the beach!

3. Outdoor Cinema Date

Whether you’re both big movie fans or not, opting for an outdoor-cinema night is something that can make everyone happy. Since social activities are allowed in the UK, outdoor cinema events have seen an incredible spike, which is not surprising! After all, who doesn’t miss watching a nice movie on the big screen, eating a bag of popcorn and enjoying good company?

4. Cycling Date

Since the start of the “one-hour exercise rule”, everyone suddenly fancied going for a bike ride. Whether is for regular practice, or simply lovely chill bike rides, cycling is one of the best activities to do outdoor and maintain social distancing. So, why not combine this to a date? It may not seem the best idea for a first date, but, as we said above, it’s all about being creative! So, don’t bother too much and just go for it!

There are obviously a lot of different ways you can go on a socially distanced date, how you do it is up to you… As long as you maintain the distance, and do it outdoor, it’s all going to be good! Just remember, we’re in the UK. so, watch out the weather! 😛


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