Who said that chivalry is dead? And why do most men struggle to find a balance between modern dating and chivalrous acts? Here’s how to be a perfect gentleman.


It’s true. Chivalry is becoming rare, and most men don’t believe any longer on their grandparent’s teachings about being the perfect gentleman. But what they don’t know, is that chivalry does not equal with antiquates acts. Instead, showing manners, especially on a first date, will do nothing but make the evening special for her… and for him!

A chivalrous man is not, and should not be, old-fashioned. Treating a woman with respect, and showing your manners is a great way to make her feel special and happy to be with your company. Perhaps, women don’t always fancy an excessively nice man. But what’s for sure is that you need manners in order to tick all the boxes after a first date!

So, if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd and win a second date… have a read of the tips below make the most of your next date!

Give her a call before the date

Most men (and women) have lost the habit of phone calls. That’s why giving her a call the day before your date is a brave and kind gesture to show her your interest. It should not be anything excessive or awkward. Call her simply to solidify the plans and to make sure she is ok with the idea. She may be surprised, and also impressed. And you… You will definitely start off your date on the right food!

Wait for her at the door

Now, we assumed that you offered to pick her up. If not, do it. You’re a gentleman remember? Anyways. When arriving at her place park your car and wait at her door like a proper cavalier would do. It not only shows your manner but also gives you the chance to get in her house in case she is still getting ready 😉

Open the car door for her

This is something that she will clearly like. Opening the door for the woman is the best move of the ultimate gentleman. Do it and you will immediately gain some points in her mind 😉

Pull out the chair

This is another ultimate gentleman move that will drive her crazy! She won’t say anything but a simple thank you, but believe it: at this point, she will start melting on that chair for you.

Pay the bill

On a first date splitting the tab or even letting her pay is an absolute red flag! So PLEASE make sure you’ll think of the bill, with a big smile on your face to show her you are happy in doing so. (even if you just had a stroke after seeing the amount!).

Bring her home

And to end everything perfectly, make sure she will get home safe and sound. Bring her back home, and if not ask her to let you know when she gets home. A caring man is definitely an important characteristic all women are looking for. So make sure you won’t disappoint her at the end of an awesome date.

Treating a woman with respect is something that will never go out of style. Simple and small gestures can make a big difference to your date, and eventually to your future relationship! Give chivalry a try and… good luck with your next date!


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