Falling in love? One of the best feelings ever. But not too fast!


Love stories are great, but unlike fairy tales, they don’t always have a happy ending. Falling in love is one of the best experiences in life. It happens all of a sudden, and magically life has a different vibe. However, being carried by emotions too quickly is never a good idea. Heartbreaks are always at the corner, waiting for their glorious moment to come. That’s why being cautious before falling for someone you barely know is always the best option. Instant gratifications are very tempting, and emotions are freaking hard to control. We know how much this isn’t easy, hence we’ve got for you some powerful tips to help you avoid falling for someone too quickly!

Don’t jump ahead

If you really want this to work, then do your best to not rush. The first rule for a relationship to work is to allow its time. Like any other thing, relationships need time to grow and become strong and meaningful. If you jump ahead when its too soon, you will have to deal with its bitterness.

Avoid high expectations

Expectations are the worst love killer. We want things in a specific way, and when this doesn’t happen, we feel immensely disappointed. This feeling of disappointment causes nothing but harm to the relationship. Simply because after being let down, you won’t see your partner with the same eyes, no matter how many other good traits they have. Don’t expect too much, and just see where it goes.

Maintain your identity

Some couples get along so well that they start living in symbiosis and put apart what they used to have before meeting each other. It feels good to be in each others company, but this isn’t gonna last forever. If you want to avoid falling in love when it’s too soon, make sure you will continue having your personal identity. Keep yourself busy with other staff and give your partner the necessary time. In this way, you’ll give your relationship the time it needs, you will feel better about yourself and maintain your personal integrity.

Get to know them

Love can be very tricky. When we like someone too much, we start to see only the good things about them. Everything seems perfect, and nothing seems to be missing. But before everything you need to act consciously and allow yourself to know the other person better. Put all your effort to control your emotions, enjoy the time together and evaluate the situation.

Love can happen with a touch of a hand and sometime sit’s impossible to command. However, when things go wrong love can be very cruel too. So, if you want to avoid lots of tears, work on yourself and do your best to not fall in love too quickly! Good luck!


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