Good relationships need basic but fundamental elements in order to last long.


So, let’s see, you have finally found the person you really like or maybe settling down has always been what you’ve been looking for…But, so far, all of your partners have come and went away from your life as if your life was a motorway… Well, not every couple is meant to last forever. But sooner or later you may like to build a strong relationship and have prospects for the future with someone. Often, when things don’t go exactly the way we wished we blame the other person for not being the right one and hope that our soulmate will somehow appear… one day. But real-life does not work in this way and good relationships need basic but fundamental elements in order to last long. If you feel like you need to improve yourself and be a total keeper, then this blog post is for you!

Small gestures matter

Being actively involved with the relationship is fundamental for it to grow and get stronger. Being active does not mean necessarily doing big things or spending a big amount of money. In day-to-day life, small gestures can make so much difference. A surprise with a glass of wine, an unexpected gift, a heart-warming message before starting the day. These are all little things that can make your partner happy and do a lot of good to your relationship.

Let them have their space

Before being in a relationship everyone is an individual, and as such they must continue having their personal life and privacy. No relationship can go far if it’s not based on trust. So, before pretending to be part of everything in your partner’s life, make sure you’ll leave them their bit of privacy and give them the trust they need.

Be open-minded

Finding someone who’s your type is not impossible. But, don’t expect them to be on the same page with you about every single thing. Even if something in your opinion is completely wrong, they may see it differently, which will cause arguments and unpleasant situations. Being open-minded in the relationship does not mean being submissive. You don’t have to accept unfair situations in order to keep someone. Instead, it means to be able to accept traits or opinions of your partner that you may not like and being able to embarrass them. Healthy relationships need flexibility and starting to see things from different perspectives can bring lots of benefits to the relationship.

Be a supportive partner

Is there anything your partner is doing and that needs support for? Studying for an exam, looking for a new career, struggles with family or a friend… supporting your partner in what they’re doing, even if just mentally is a very powerful way to strengthen your relationship and show them how much you care. So, when you can try to be present, give them your time, offer help, advice or just your ears to listen to their problems…

Be the best version of yourself

A relationship is not only about what happens between you two. It’s about you as an individual as well. In order to be a keeper, you must be the best version of yourself. Nobody is perfect, that’s for sure. But still, life is all about progress. So, keep working on yourself and get busy also outside your relationship. Focus on your career, get yourself a hobby, go out with your friends, spend quality time with them and take care of yourself.

Basically, make sure you won’t lose yourself as an individual. A keeper is always a strong and self-reliant person who is happy with his/her life and it’s ready to share that masterpiece of life with someone else.


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