If you really care about her, maybe it’s time to wonder whether so far, you’ve done it right or not…


Fulfilling your partner is important. Even more when it’s about what you do in the bedroom. Sad but true, most of the time male partners happen to ignore their partner’s sexual desires (even if they don’t actually mean it). They believe everything is alright while she is probably never truly happy. But if you really care about her, maybe it’s time to wonder whether so far, you’ve done it right or not…

Making a woman happy in the bedroom is way more different than a man. Often women’s sexual desire takes a different path, and sometimes you need to pay attention to little details before targeting right “down there”… So, if you really want to make sure your partner is sexually happy with you, doing a bit more effort when you’re in the bedroom can increase her libido and give her the pleasure she is really looking for.

Every woman is different. And each may like sex in a different way, depending also on the situation. Sometimes she may like it gentle and romantic other times rough like in a porn video… But what really matters is what you give her besides the actual act of sex. Over time, when you find yourself being in a long-term relationship or after years of marriage, losing the fire under the sheets is absolutely normal. However, having a healthy sex life is key to a happy relationship so, paying attention to her needs is one thing you should start thinking about before it’s too late!

Here are some ideas…

1. Spoil her

As we said before, it’s not only about the sex itself. What you do before going to bed or outside the bedroom time can make a big difference to her pleasure (and also yours)! We understand that a couple life can easily get into the wrong route. Especially if you’re both really busy dealing with other stress of daily life. But what you should never give up on is giving the little treats that will remind her to be still special. You can do that in simple ways like, giving her head tickles or back tickles while you’re watching a movie or why not, you can go further and plan a completely relaxing Sunday for the two of you. For example, why not setting up the room with aromatic candles, relaxing music, and giving her that sensual massage with oil she dreams about? An erotic massage is one of the most powerful ways to turn on a woman and make her feel lucky for having such a caring man in her life.

2. It’s never late to look good for her

Often when couples are together for long time, they stop making the effort of caring about themselves when being at home. This automatically leads to the loss of physical attraction and libido. Instead, why not shaving more often or getting rid of all those old clothes you use to wear for being at home? The effort of looking good in her eyes is a clear sign that her opinion matters to you and there’s no such attractive thing when you’re in a long-term relationship. She will certainly notice it, appreciate it, and most importantly it will instantly make you irresistible, more than you think!

3. Foreplay

Gentlemen, practice cunnilingus as much as you can! You know, it’s not all about pulling it in and ‘Boom!’ Done. No. Generally, men tend to avoid going down on their women. Which is a shame, cause when they do it, it’s like having the icing on the cake. So, why skipping such an important step? Have a little think about it…

4. It’s not all about sex!

If you realise that you and your partner are not doing great in the bedroom and you decide to spice things up, make sure you do it with your heart and not only because you need to have sex. Whatever you plan to do, make sure you do it because you really care about her sexual happiness too. We’re saying so because in the end, she will definitely tell the difference. And in this case what she thinks matters. A lot.

Yeah, perhaps men can have an immediate hard-on right after having seen their spouse naked. But for women, it isn’t always so quick. Instead, in order to make her happy, you need to put some more effort, make them feel desired, and most importantly still special. Having a happy sex life requires mutual effort, but for now, do your part and give your best. You won’t regret the results!


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