Breakups can be a godsend since sometimes ending the relationship can be a very good way to regain control over our own lives.


Breakups suck. Even when you’re not the person who was left, still, ending the relationship is never an easy thing to deal with. However, sometimes, no matter how much you cared about each other breaking up can be the best thing to do and unlike how it appears it can make you feel relieved and back to life again!

It’s generally thought that breakups are bad things. Well, this isn’t always true. Breakups can be very good since sometimes ending the relationship can be a very good way to regain control over our own lives and be able to make the most of it instead of spending time and energy for something or someone that isn’t worthy. Well, if you’re going through a breakup or you’re thinking about it, here are some eye-opening facts that may make you feel better about yourself and your current situation.

1. You felt suffocated /strong>

No matter how much you felt good about your relationship, you can come to the point where all you need is everything but not your partner. How comes? Well, maybe you used to spend too much time together, or constantly on the phone… You may have lost the sense of being by yourself or enjoying time with a friend without your partner being around. Situations like this are initially alluring, but sooner or later one of the two will feel the need to take a few steps back, if not breaking up to regain possession of their own life.

2. You didn’t enjoy sex /strong>

Sex is one of the most important elements in the relationship. No matter how you see it, but a relationship without a satisfying sex life can’t go too far. Sex makes the relationship better in terms of intimacy but also problem-solving. When the sex is good the other issues become less complicated to deal with… But when this is missing then there’s a need to change something or one of the partners will feel the need to move on and look for something better…

3. You were in an abusive relationship/strong>

Being in an abusive relationship is a horrible situation that is hard to get rid of. But, once you do it, life starts smiling at you again . Being with someone who takes advantage of your emotions to be in control over the relationship is draining and absolutely unhealthy. You live your days being sad and in continuous pursuit of happiness that will never come because you are with the wrong person. That’s why once you’re finally over it, you may feel free, relieved, and truly happy again.

4. You were cheated on/strong>

There are a lot of couples who deal with cheating and decide to be together anyway, no matter what. However, this is a very tough decision which usually results to be the wrong choice. That’s why, when eventually it doesn’t work and you end the relationship you may feel over the moon and back because in doing so you will not only break up from your partner but also from you past and that feeling of resentment that you kept ignoring just to make the relationship work.

No matter how much it may be difficult, moving on and looking for something more suitable is and will always be the best option after a breakup. There is a bright side in everything, especially when you less expect it! 😉


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