Ever heard of the expression “the wetter, the better”? Well, that’s so true! At least when it comes to sex!


When is about sexual pleasure, every woman on the planet knows the importance of being “wet” down there. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to get easily lubricated and when this happens, the intercourse becomes a nightmare, for her and also for him! That’s why in this kind of situation lube becomes essential. However, what many people don’t think of is that lube or pleasure gels are not only a solution for “dryness”. Instead, they can be used regularly and give a very big boost to your sex life!

Let’s be honest. Lube makes everything better. Few drops and your sex life will instantly get to the next level. It can be used every time and in many different ways. Keep on reading, ‘cause we’ve got some interesting ideas on how to use it…


What happens before the actual sex matters, more than you think. Foreplay is a great way to get turned on and light the fire in the bedroom. Even better if you bring into the game some pleasure gel… Start by spreading the gel all over each other’s bodies. Delicately caress the erogenous zones, until reaching the genitals. Pleasure gels increase the pleasure at a very high level and sometimes you might even climax before starting to have sex! *_*

Sensual massage

Nothing can be a better turn on than a sensual massage. And there’s no sensual massage without a perfect happy ending! And that’s exactly where the lube becomes useful! Few drops, some nice and gentle touches, and… it won’t get long before you flip over and let your partner massaging you from the front (or vice versa!)

Butt play

Not everyone is open to this practice. It can be embarrassing, complicated, and most commonly painful. But for some reason, it’s extremely hot and pleasant, and lube is here to help! If you as well feel uncomfortable with anal sex, add a bit of lube on his penis and your anus, and he’ll be inside you without you even realizing it! Do anal the right way, and it will be all a new story!

Play with toys!

When your partner is not around, you somehow need to satisfy your sexual pleasure and have a bit of fun on your own, right? Don’t limit yourself to the simple and old-fashioned masturbation. Bring out your toys, the lube, and… have fun! ;P

Sex is wonderful on its own, and lube, in this case, is the cherry on the top of the cake. So, in case you want perfection and don’t want to miss a bit, make sure you won’t ever be without a bottle of lube!