About Gleeden

Gleeden is the first extramarital dating app made by women, for women. The platform brings together a community of over 5 million members worldwide, and allows people in relationships to meet others with similar interests, expectations and desires.


The website was officially launched on December 1st, 2009 in France. The reason behind its creation was simple: approximately 30% of all the people who had online dating accounts on more traditional websites were actually in married or in a relationship and lied about it. The founders therefore decided to put the new concept in the hands of a team of women, who would develop the service and adapt it to the needs of a specific population, in a safe and discreet manner.


Simply dealing with general hypocrisy and bringing down the taboo of infidelity.

Gleeden is run daily by a team of women, and tackles important topics, such as freedom in relationships. A large team of experts also regularly gives relationship or dating advice on the platform.

The goal of Gleeden is to offer a high-end platform based on respect, discretion and courtesy.


Gleeden is mostly designed for married women and men or couples. Members are on average between the ages of 25 and 49. Approximately 51% of all members are 35 to 49 years old, and 31% between 25 and 34 years old.
Gleeden is a worldwide community, active in over 150 countries, which allows members to meet people from all around the world.

Key numbers

The Gleeden community is made up of 5 million members, approximately 250,000 of those are in the UK.

  • 34% of the exchanges lead to a meeting in the next 10 days
  • 40% are women
  • 60% are men
  • 91% are married people or in committed relationships
  • 9% of single, separated or divorced people
  • 11% look for homosexual or bisexual relations
  • 68% think that infidelity is the key to a long relationship
Age distribution

18-24 years old 4.6 %
25-34 years old 30.92 %
35-49 years old 51.23 %
50+ 13.25 %

Members who come from higher social-economic backgrounds make up almost half of the Gleeden community:
– Finance/banking/insurance: 22%
– Liberal professions: 17%
– Medical field: 13%


Gleeden is a pioneer in the extramarital dating industry. Despite the appearance of many competitors, Gleeden remains the favourite app for European women.

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