To cheat or not to cheat? Whatever you do is your choice and we’re here just to help you do it right.


Whether it’s your first time or you consider yourself a serial cheater knowing how cheat without being caught is essential! Let’s forget about morality for a second and just face the facts. Everybody cheats, at least somehow, and at different levels. So, whatever you do is your choice and we’re here just to help you do it right. 😀

One very important thing about cheating is doing it smartly and making sure to not get caught! Having an affair requires skills and also experience. In case you need help to save your discreet relationship and also your marriage here are some tips for you.

Don’t leave any evidence

Even if your partner is not the sort of person who would read your messages or go around your phone, make sure you will not leave any evidence. If you don’t do so, one single moment can make your life feel like hell! Make sure you don’t leave any evidence and you’ll be safe! Remember: Preventing is better than cure!

Act as normal as possible

Getting rid of the evidence is not enough. Sometimes signs of cheating can be invisible to your eyes, but extremely clear to the guts of your partner. Strange behaviors or talks can immediately tell the other person that there is something wrong. So, always make sure to be like you used to be, don’t get nervous, don’t panic and most importantly don’t act like you are hiding something! Keep it aaaalways cool!

Don’t make drastic changes

Dating someone again can immediately revitalize in you a sense of self-care that you probably lost in the past period of being with your official partner. Perhaps you don’t look at each other in the same way, and therefore you don’t care about what the other person thinks of your appearance. It is when you like someone again that you start taking care of your appearance to make a good impression. This is all good. What you must be careful about is to not make drastic changes or at least to not do so only when going out without your partner…Not giving too much in the eye is always a good thing to do 😉

Use the condom!

This may seem a bit of trivial advice. But if you forget about the condom, your affair can become one of your worst nightmares! Getting caught of cheating is a horrible thing and having to add a baby to it is even worse! So, use that damn condom!

Clean up every trace!

The most difficult moment when hiding an affair is getting home after the date and not showing a single clue! It can be really easy for your partner to catch you with the smell of your lover, marks of make-up and obviously a hair that it’s not from them! So, get rid of all the trace if you want to keep cheating safely.

Having an extramarital relationship can be fun and sometime really necessary to save the marriage (ironically). But as we all know it’s not really like eating a piece of cake. It requires skills and lots of carefulness. So before you start or if you’re already in the middle of your affair make sure to follow our tips and enjoy a fun and exciting affair!


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