Communication is key and doing it right can give you way more than you expect. Oh, and don’t forget to use these magic words!


No matter how your relationship is and how you and your partner are used to communicating with each other there are always ways and magic words that can give you everything you want from your man. If this is what you are looking for, you’re in the right place because we have very simple but effective ways to get always more from your partner!

Keep calm and be British!

We are in the UK and being polite is in our blood. No matter what, we won’t be rude, and we’ll not express our real opinion when it isn’t a good one. Things can change when it’s about our partner, and often the curtesy and politeness we have magically vanish. And that’s a problem. In case you don’t speak politely to your partner anymore our advice is to take a few steps back and restart being nice with him and using very basic words such as…please or thank you! Give it a try and you’ll see the positive effect it will have on your partner’s brain! 😀

Give him compliments!

Being together, especially after a long time, meant to get used to each other and forgetting to notice things we like about each other. No matter what, if your partner has anything you like or you can make a nice comment about, just do it! Saying him he looks good after shaving or before going out will make him feel good not only about himself but also about you and your relationship! After all, it’s always good to receive compliments!

Let him know about the things you feel grateful about

There must be something you like about him or something that he does… Even if in appearance it can be the simplest and the most insignificant thing, if you like it, let him know! He is not in your mind, and certain things are just good to hear. So, for example, if your partner brings you a cuppa in the morning, cleans the house, or simply grabs your hand when you’re out for a walk just let him know how much you like it! If you do so, there’s a chance he will do it more and better!

Use the magic 3 words

To say someone ‘I love you’ is usually the hardest thing to do, at the beginning. But after a long time, it is easy to just get used to saying it without really feeling it. When you say it, make sure you mean it and let him notice it. Make it real, and you’ll see the difference it will make to your relationship!

Being genuinely nice to your partner and letting him know simple little things that can make him feel good are the best way to bring your relationship to the next level and obtain more than you already do from you partner! Give this a try and you’ll see! 😉


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