Have you ever wondered why bad boys are so damn irresistible? What is it about those guys? And why most women are so attracted to them? The answer will blow your mind!


Often women wish to find the “good guy” who is caring, respectful and that will not break their heart. Yet, when it come to their dating decisions, bad boys are the ones who usually wins her heart. It has been scientifically proven that women are more attracted by a certain type of men. The so-called alpha man. He has personality, he is charming and seductive… yet, with a very common side effect: heartbreak. So, why don’t women simply opt for the good guy?

It is true: Nice guys finish last

Having a partner who is caring, loyal, and trustworthy is certainly something special. But to most women, there is something strongly repulsive when it comes to the “good guy”. And that’s certainly not because they like to suffer.

There is, in fact, nothing wrong about being nice. It is the exceed of kindness that makes her lose interest and eventually look elsewhere. Simply because being to nice just to make her feel happy can be sign weak identity. And this, is certainly a red flag when it comes to choose a partner! …after all she wants a man, not a puppet.

On the other side, there is something utterly appealing about the bad boy!
Yes. Women are actually allured to men with deviant personality. Even if in their dreams they keep looking for prince charming, the rebel guy is who they eventually chose. This sounds controversial. But there are several reasons why the rebel boy never finishes last.

Danger is attractive!

Dating bad boys is a sort of adventure, and that’s what makes it so damn alluring. No matter the type of relationship she is looking for, the guy with the rebellious tendency will always grasp her attention.

Thrill for taming

Many women who fall for bad boys keep hoping to, one day being able to tame him. While this is quite impossible, the idea of taming him is absolutely thrilling.

Fear of commitment

Sometimes she simply goes for the rebel guy because she does not want a committed relationship! Knowing that he will never be “the one”, is a way to stay away from anything that could threaten your feelings.

A scientific point of view

Apparently, most women find themselves attracted to bad boys because of their inner desire of having a baby. It has been scientifically proven that women who are ovulating find headstrong men more captivating. Evidently, their way of being alpha men minded and having a strong identity makes them a good candidate for being the father. Even if, often, they will be misbehaving because unwilling to provide the lifelong commitment that she is looking for.


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