Trust plays a very important role in every relationship. But when it comes to romantic endeavors, trust becomes even more important, if not essential!


Although some people are more trustful than others, trusting someone overnight is clearly impossible, and if you believe it possible… be aware that , when it comes to trust, this is not a Walt Disney fairy tale!

Before giving your heart away, make sure he is trustworthy enough, or you may expect some bad surprises! It would be cool if you could read his mind and eventually shouting opting for the next guy as soon as he does something wrong! But unfortunately, none of us has superpowers. Yet, there are still ways to make it clear whether he has eyes only for you or if it’s the case you move!

We’ve got for you some simple signs and behavioral traits that will tell you more than you think about his personality and reveal to you his deepest intentions!
Curious? Keep on reading!

1. Eyes never lie!

Did you know that eye can be the strongest weapon against a liar!? Yes!
If your partner is lying about something or not saying exactly the truth, the first thing you will notice would be his eyes looking everywhere but not your face! Although moving the eye is under our control, when under stress, controlling the direction of our look becomes a complicated task. If he struggles to look at you, then he’s in trouble, otherwise, you can be relaxed… Unless he is a very skilled liar! In this case, controlling his facial expressions can be for him a piece of cake! That’s when the pupils come into the game! It is scientifically proven that under pressure, the pupils tend to widen and get pretty big, and there is no way to control them! So, no matter how expert is our liar, his eyes will not make it easy for him!

2. Touch his phone and you will know!

Nowadays, smartphones are the most private objects in our life. They contain messages, e-mails, social media apps, pictures, and so on! Basically, everything you need to know is in there! You can think of it as a lie detector! It will analyze none of his words but try to get close to it and your partner’s reaction will tell you a lot!

3. He does not like questions

Communication is another important element in a healthy relationship. That’s why every couple should be able to talk about different issues and clear their mind about any sort of worries and doubts! But, if your partner does not like questions and inquisitions, chances are that he has something to hide!

4. He does care about you!

He is caring and gives you all the attention you need? Then you may stop worrying and simply enjoying your relationship! When a guy really cares about his partner, he would not find ways to ruin it, cause everything he wants… is just you.


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