What do men really look for in a woman? ‘Good appearance and good sex” you may say. Well, not really…


Physical attraction is the main starter for most relationships. But the direction it will take clearly depends on your personality, interest, and the way you both will be able to handle it. It is generally believed that a strong interest for sex it’s in men’s nature and that more commonly are women those who look for the partner with whom have good talks, or someone that makes you feel safe. Wrong. Men are human beings as well, and not always think only with their genitals! Their feelings go far beyond just sex, especially when looking for a long-term relationship.
If you want to know what matters to them deep down, then keep on reading…

Emotional intimacy

Like women, men need someone they can really count on. One thing that automatically gives a man the feeling of being with the right woman is his ability to find his ‘safe space’ and being able to talk to her about his personal issues. Having a partner who knows how to listen, and that especially can give advice with good empathy is something than all men wish to find in their woman.

Praise him

Yeah, men can cry and get really weak or emotional but they will never lose their pride. Giving him compliments or praising him for simple things in daily life will make him feel good about himself, and especially in your eyes! He may not show it sometimes, but the idea of you admiring him for what he does is incredibly rewarding and can have a really good effect on your relationship! Applauding your partner for what he’s good at will clearly encourage him to do even better.


Besides your relationship, he has his own life and interest and as such, it would be great for him to have some space, just for himself. Whether it’s watching the match with his friends, going out for drinks or simply playing video games, make sure he will have time for other stuff besides you. Otherwise, chances are that he will soon feel fed up with the relationship, no matter how strong your relationship is.


Well, we said that appearance is not everything for men. But we didn’t say that they don’t care about it. Even though you are in a relationship for a while, taking care of your appearance is still as important as your first dates. Taking care of yourself is a great way for him to not forget your beauty, as well as making you feel better with yourself. Perhaps wearing his favourite garment, or the lipstick he likes on you are also simple ways to make him feel special since he will appreciate your effort to look pretty and with a good appearance in his eyes.

Emotional independence

One of the biggest turn-offs is being needy and possessive. So, don’t! If you want your relationship to work in the long term, then you should also be emotionally mature and able to handle it in the smartest way. As mentioned above, he will need his space and his life besides your relationship. The same thing should be with you. Make sure you will continue to maintain an active life with your friends, your career, and being able to enjoy your moments also outside your relationship. Men may not show it, but there is nothing sexiest than a powerful and independent woman who is able to be in a happy relationship and enjoy also her own space.

These are obviously just few tips, while the main concept is for you to know how important it is to get to know as much as you can your partner. After all, relationships are about mutual happiness, and nothing can make it work better than care in each other’s needs and desires.


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