An office can quickly turn into a vast meeting ground full of temptation and seduction!


As many who have worked in one will know, an office can quickly turn into a vast meeting ground, full of temptation and seduction. Interestingly, a recent study took stock of long-term encounters and risky relationships within the workplace. Here’s the important parts:

Sex and Work, crossing the line

In addition to being a place where sexual scandal is rife, the workplace could actually be the root of many a sexual fantasy. This is especially true in men. In fact, 53% of men (as opposed to 30% of women) have already fantasized about their co-worker.

To break this down, 13% of respondents say they have flirted with a colleague with an intent to seduce them as soon as they met them. Men in particular found the idea of getting down and dirty with a colleague the most enticing. Not only that, but 19% of people admit having already fantasised about a colleague they had just met!

Office sex: A third of workers are at it!

Looking at a recent survey, it turns out that sex at work could be more widespread than we think! 35% admit to having already had sex with a colleague, while 33% engaged in sexual intercourse at their workplace with a colleague. With only a two percent increase for those doing it outside of work, it seems that “making love on a photocopier” is not just a fantasy, but a very real scenario! While some colleagues stay back and prefer flirty discretion, many are just going for it! And why not?

Work: a high-risk area for couples!

According to the study, a quarter of couples have met their other half in a space related to their professional activity, so in a workplace or office environment. However, if work is a place where couples are formed, it is also a place where they tend to be most likely be adventurous! That’s right, the job is the perfect ground for extramarital excursions!

26% admit to having seduced a colleague who was already in a relationship. And, 16% of respondents admit to being on the other side, and having cheated with someone in the workplace while they were in a couple. The study goes further. 11% of people who have been in a relationship have ended it… to get back in bed with a person they met during their professional activity. So next time you’re in the office, have a glance around!


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