Relationships are meant to make us happy, not the contrary!Stay away from unhealthy relationships.


Relationships are meant to make us happy. However, this isn’t always the case! Sooner or later, everyone has to deal with arguments, tiers, and all the bad things you can imagine about an unhealthy relationship. What’s important is to realize if the relationship is actually gonna work or if it’s just a waste of time and energy…

Sad but true: Sometimes, losing someone can be less painful than being with them. And that’s what a toxic relationship is all about. As the word suggests, being in a toxic relationship is harmful and poisoning. It damages you mentally and most of the time it is a very complicated situation to escape from.

If you ended up on this post, it’s probably because you feel lost and in need of answers. Well, the good news is that you happened in the right place… We have listed five simple but common signs of a toxic relationship that can clear your mind and make your life easier. Wondering whether to stay or to go? Keep on reading!

1. You don’t feel happy

Ok we get it. You really like this person and you wish it could last forever. But in reality, you aren’t happy at all. You keep being frustrated because nothing is the way you wish them to be and nothing about your partner makes you feel fulfilled and respected the way you deserve. Think about it. What is the point of being with the cause of your unhappiness? If it doesn’t work, stop forcing it and instead start looking somewhere else…

2. You fear arguments

So, let’s see. Have you ever happened to fear telling your voice for the fear of starting an argument? If yes. That is a big red flag. Being in a healthy relationship means being open to discussion and confrontations. Having problems is part of being a couple, but if you feel incapable to open yourself for the fear of losing someone, it clearly means you are not with the right person.

3. It’s always the same problem…

Let’s say that you have been dating for a while, and still you keep having the same old unsolved problem coming to the surface. If one specific problem persists without you two coming to a point, chances are that it never will. Having sympathy and openness to each other’s opinions and feelings is essential in a good relationship. And when an argument never ends, it means that you are unable to fully understand each other, or perhaps your believes are more important than your relationship. So, if this is something you are experiencing, have a think about it. Does it really worth it?

4. You start blaming yourself

So, let’s see, after all the effort to find a common point eventually you start believing it’s all your fault. Don’t get it wrong, you can totally have done it wrong. But if you end up blaming yourself even in front of the most obvious and unacceptable situations, that means nothing but being in a clearly toxic and submissive relationship.

5. There are scorecards

It can seem not a big deal, initially. But when you and your partner start bringing out all things from the past every time there’s a discussion, it clearly is a sign that you’ve got a lot of issues piling up. Nothing will ever get solved in this way, and instead, you will end up telling each other off for all bad things you both keep inside… If you aren’t able to face arguments like two adults, there is no point continuing. Playing scorecards is a never-ending game and most importantly it’s a pain in the ****.

6. You feel submissive

Romantic relationships are about parity and shared happiness. When feelings and emotions aren’t mutually balanced, nothing good is gonna happen. Especially if the person with control over the relationship likes to take advantage the other person’s weak points in order to keep them under their thumb. This is just awful. No matter how much you are into someone, if you realize being submissive have a bit of respect for yourself and say, “no thanks!”. It’s hard at the beginning, but afterward, it will be nothing but liberating!

Love is blind. And sometimes being in love makes it impossible for most people to realize having to do with nothing but a rubbish relationship. If you feel unhappy with your relationship, make sure to find a solution and if it doesn’t work, don’t lose any more time and do something good for yourself: let it go!


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