Have you ever considered combining fitness and sex? Far more enjoyable than a session on the cross trainer or rowing machine, making love can burn more calories and build muscle mass. So if you want to optimize your gym sessions in your room, here are the positions you need to adopt.

Sex and pleasure go hand in hand: the Kamasutra, an ancient Indian text on eroticism, details over 200 positions to maximise your sexual enjoyment. But sex has other benefits; it’s comparable to running, cycling, or other cardio.

The best sexual positions for building muscle:

Sex and squats for thighs and glutes: Do you want to make your sex life even better? By working on your thighs and glutes, women worldwide have reported up to a tenfold increase in their sexual enjoyment. A good way to work on these key areas with your partner can have him sat on a chair while you sit and stand on his lap. This is a very intense physical effort that builds your thighs and bum while giving you and your partner with something new and exciting to try out.

The Pinball Wizard: This position has been described as one of the “best ever”, and is ideal for sports addicts. The woman holds herself in a partial bridge, or cinch, position with her weight on her shoulders. He holds her thighs for support and thrusts for maximum clitoral stimulation.

This acts as an abdominal and lumbar workout, improving flexibility and developing muscle. To optimise this position, the woman can tighten her thighs and glutes around her partner’s waist. This combines cardio and strength training to burn up to 600 calories in ten minutes.

Sex: great for mental and physical health

Like any sports activity, sex releases endorphins. These are hormones directly related to pleasure and well-being, acting as a natural antidepressant. For more information on how endorphins can impact your life, and especially your sleep cycle, check out our previous blog here.

Male health benefits

According to an American study, ejaculation can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by up to 20% in men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month. They also relieve pain, ease depression and stress, and because oxytocin levels can speed cell regeneration it can be said that sex heals wounds.