sex and sleep

Did you know that sex and sleep are intimately linked? According to many studies, you can have better sex if you improve your sleep, and better sleep if you improve your sex. Here’s how and why.

What if the secret to a good night’s sleep was as simple as good sex? Simply put, having sex increases your hormone output; and one particular hormone is closely linked to getting off to sleep. Sex and sleep go hand in hand.

Better sleep = better lovemaking!

Stress, insomnia, sleepless nights: these are just some of the things which can disturb your sexual desire curbing your libido. Trouble getting it up? Have a better night’s sleep to make sure you’re standing to attention. The hormone responsible is called ‘Cortisol’. You may know this as a “stress hormone” but you may not know that it is believed to be responsible for lowering men’s testosterone levels. Testosterone is a sexual hormone that plays a key role in controlling a man’s libido levels; it governs desire’s ups and downs. If the body doesn’t get enough sleep, then it releases more cortisol. As a result, a man’s sex drive and libido are at a standstill.

And women have it even worse! Because we have lower testosterone levels to begin with, even a small imbalance can significantly throw us off our game. As our cortisol and testosterone levels rise, we just don’t want to get under the covers – except for a good night’s sleep.

A good night’s sleep is beneficial in other ways as well:

  • Sex hormones and pheromones increase, boosting desirability;
  • Having a night off can increase your partners lust for you, making your sex life better the next night.
  • Getting an early night can improve your life outside the bedroom, putting you in a good mood and ready for anything.

Researchers at the University of Florida have looked at the correlation of sleep and sex. They concluded that people with insomnia, a chronic sleep disorder, saw their sexual activity increase by 14% for each hour of sleep. Sleeping for an extra two hours a night could improve your sex life by well over a quarter.

A common case for lack of sleep can be due to your partner’s snoring. This can not only cause a sleepless night, but according to a Gleeden study of 8,000 unfaithful women, 66% of them say they have crossed the threshold of infidelity because their other half is a noisy snorer!

Can more sex help you to sleep better?

According to Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor and therapist, the answer is unequivocal. “Insufficient sexuality can cause insomnia and irritability,” says the expert. The moral of the story? Have more sex to sleep more!

Making love releases hormones directly related to sleep: endorphins, melatonin, and dopamine are directly linked to a good night’s sleep. And while you’re there, prolactin and oxytocin are other hormones related to pleasure and the feeling of well-being. These are specifically released during and after orgasm…

Putting your legs in the air before going to sleep is clearly worth all the sleeping pills in the world – it’s been scientifically proven!

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