Winters in the UK can be cruel, with short and dark days that ruin your mood and cause laziness. Just in case you will not resist the temptation to crawl under the blankets, we have five hot tips to warm you up under the covers!


When it’s freezing out there, nothing is better than some good company in your bed. To ensure your sex life will sparkle even during winter, we have for you some perfect sex positions to keep your sex life running hot!


It may seem trivial, but it’s not a coincidence that the missionary is one of the most desired and stimulating positions by women. Especially on cold winter days, when all you need is to wrap yourself in blankets and a partner that pleases you. Guess what, the missionary can satisfy both your needs! Having your partner lying on you will be like having a humanized blanket that not only warms you but also satisfies your sexual pleasure!

Scoop me up

Scoop me up, also known as spooning, is an ideal position to warm you up when is freezing!
Here you have to lie on the side and let him wrap you in his arms from behind as he penetrates you into the vagina or anus.

Perfect for this lazy season, the ‘scoop me up’ position doesn’t require too much effort from you, as here is the man to guide the rhythm. The skin-to-skin contact awakens all your senses and permits deep penetration that will be a sensational experience for both.

To enjoy even more, grab his head close to yours until his breath will touch your skin, and place his hand on your shoulder to ensure a more intense and pleasant thrust.

The Caboose

Similar to the spooning position, but here you are seated. Facing away from your partner you can close your eyes and focus on your senses. Ride him as slowly or as quickly as you please and let him enjoy the nice view of your bottom moving up and down on his penis. To increase your pleasure, gently address his hand (or your hand) to rub your clitoris.


Now you’re definitely warmed up, and it’s time to take control of the situation! While he is still sitting, turn around and climb onto his lap. With one hand, gently push the penis into the vagina and grind up against his pelvis. Wrap your legs and arms tight around him to control the depth and pace of the thrust!

Pretzel Dip

Finally, to make things hotter, enjoy a deep penetration with the Pretzel Dip position. Here your partner will have to kneel, while you lie down on your right side, grabbing his left side with your left leg. Let him in your vagina while holding his hand on your pelvic area and set free to a breath-taking penetration. When you feel like start touching your clitoris, it will drive you both crazy!


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