Our smart guide to prostate massage, to enjoy alone or with your partner!


Here are some basic rules to help you understand and enjoy prostate massages, and to learn about prostate orgasms, whether you are alone or with your partner.

What’s a prostate?

In men, the prostate is a highly erogenous zone, meaning that it is extremely sensitive to touch. Called the P-Spot, or ‘Male G-Spot’, this small, chestnut-shaped gland is located under the bladder and around the urethra. And it can generate a very intense orgasm. It’s simple, and easy to use – just put a finger (or a sex toy) up your bum!

Do It Yourself

If you want to experience the magic of anal pleasure, there are some small rules to follow to avoid any embaressing situations. First of all, it’s no surprise that the anal area is very fragile. The rectal walls are also very thin so it is better to massage delicately to avoid getting hurt. Slow and steady wins the race. Start with only a little pressure, with one or even two fingers, making delicate circular movements.

Gradually the prostate will become firmer, and it won’t be alone! Soon, you’ll experience a prostatic orgasm with ejaculation!

Sex toys designed for “anal pleasure” are another option if you do not want to put your fingers in your anus. Some increase your excitement and make it easier to reach prostatic orgasm.

Do It Together

After discovering the joys of your prostate, you can also share this discovery with your partner! It goes without saying that this form of pleasure requires total trust in them.

Before you start, some prerequisites are required! Start with the nails! They need to be short or you can image what might happen. Clean yourself up – no-one wants to get poo on themselves, no matter how much they love you. Additionally, if your partner has never given a prostate massage, you should let them know that they don’t need to go deep. We would also recommend using lubrication.

Choose a comfortable position for both of you. Usually, the man takes one of two positions – on their front, raised up on their knees as if they were receiving in doggy-style, or on their back with their legs raised as if receiving missionary. It’s a personal preference.


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