When erectile dysfunction strikes, the entire couple are impacted by it!


When erectile dysfunction strikes, the spotlight is often focused on the man, for somewhat obvious reasons! However, the entire couple are impacted by these sexual breakdowns. Here are our top tips for women dealing with their partner’s ‘little problem’.

According to a recent survey by IFOP, 61% of men are concerned about getting, or having, erectile dysfunction. This figure is significantly higher than in 2010, when less than half of respondents had even considered erectile dysfunction and the impact it could have on them and their relationship.

Contrary to popular opinion, erectile dysfunction can have multiple origins and occur at any age. It can have psychological causes such as depression, stress, or alcoholism; but biological causes are just as common, with diabetes and hypertension topping the list of causes. In order to overcome erectile disorders, it’s not always enough to see a GP and get it sorted…

Erection troubles: tackling it as a couple

No only men suffer in cases of erectile disorders, most commonly a soft erection. Their partner can become sexually frustrated, and these perceived failures can also affect morale within the relationship. This is something that we tend to forget because our attention often focusses around the root cause of the issue – the inactive member. In fact, the partner can feel guilt and feelings of shame – starting by questioning her sexual abilities and her seductive potential.

“Am I sexy enough?”, “I do not like him anymore”, “Why don’t I excite him enough?”. In short, both members of the couple suffer (often in silence) in the event of a sexual breakdown in the relationship. Erectile disorders are a couple’s business and treating it as such is an important link in the management of the problem as a whole.

Communication and closeness

The more the silence lingers, the greater the collateral damage will be. According to specialists, only 30% of men adopt a positive attitude towards their erectile issues! In fact, erectile failures, most commonly dysfunction, can cause a flood of chain reactions: Sexual distance, standoffishness, anxieties (from both halves of the couple), and even complete abstinence…

Before the situation becomes insurmountable, action is necessary!

Overcoming erectile dysfunction using creativity

In bed, the anxiety of the performance can annihilate any attempt for those with dysfunction. For example, if the man is too focused on his erection, he will want to quickly jump to penetration before he loses his focus. The most common result, for the partner, is that this sex will certainly not be even remotely satisfactory.

It’s up to you to creatively experiment. New sex games, fantasies, reoleplay, stimulations… The partner’s role is to prevent formality and a focus on ejaculation. Cultivate physical intimacy to rekindle your fun and excitement! If you remove the immediate stress and focus on penetrative sex then you’ll open up to a whole new horizon.


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