Loving and being loved is a natural phenomenon that gives us happiness and fulfillment. We grew up in a society where being validated and loved by someone became one of the key factors for our accomplishment in life. In romantic terms, the idea of ‘belonging to someone’ can be reassuring and sometimes exciting. However, if you look at it realistically, you’ll see that romantic happiness has nothing to do with ‘finding the right person’ and is not linked to destiny. Instead, a healthy relationship involves factors such as mutual respect, trust, communication and, most importantly, being emotionally self-sufficient. This said, emotional independence is the basis for a strong and peaceful relationship.

It all starts with you
Believe it or not, no one can make you happier than yourself! When solely depending on others, happiness can become a source of frustration, neediness, and jealousy, putting at risk not only your relationship but also your mental health.
On the other hand, when you understand the concept of self-sufficiency, everything starts to have a different meaning.

Nurture your life, nurture your relationship
Regardless of your partner, make sure you will create your dimension and establish your personal space. In doing so, you will reinforce your personality and self-confidence, creating the fertile ground for a healthy relationship.

Be your own woman and he won’t let you go! It’s a fact. Being emotionally mature and independent is an attractive trait that men can’t resist. To be independent means being confident and passionate about life. In his eyes, you’ll be a determined person, someone to have an interesting talk with and especially to have lots of fun!
In the same way, being emotionally mature is about mastering your feelings and maintaining a positive state of mind, regardless of what you receive (or not) from your partner. This is the best way to avoid disappointments and instead to leave room for all good things to experience together!


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