Getting emotionally attached can be scary. Especially after a breakup that you can’t still leave behind. You may feel left with resentment and a strong desire to wipe out every existing man on the planet, but before you do anything, take a deep breath and you’ll realize there is still a way they can make you happy!


How many times you stated, “I am done with men!” or “No more relationships!” because you were disappointed for the umpteenth time? Not being ready for a serious relationship is absolutely ok, BUT make sure you’ll not deprive yourself of a satisfying sex-life! Being a single and emotionally independent woman, who enjoys good sex without having an official partner is absolutely possible, and that’s what “Friends with benefits” are there for! Ways to call this “special” friend are unlimited. And whether you call it “sex-buddy”, “friend with benefits” or your “bum chum”, the concept remains always the same: It’s all about… SEX!

Having a great sexual routine without commitment and all those Dos and Don’ts of a serious relationship may sound pretty cool. However, as fun as it can be, a casual sex relationship has (unfortunately) its terms and conditions too. Just to make sure you’ll avoid ending up with a crush on your bedfellow, you’d better play the game by following some rules.

Rule #1: Put your emotions behind!

The essence of having someone just to share the bed with is to keep it casual. Getting physically connected without any feelings and just for the sake of fun is the rule number one for being a good friend with benefits. It is essential that both of you feel the same and agrees on what you want from each other, otherwise, one of the two may be hurt and you can say bye-bye to your delightful sex routine.

Rule #2: Chose the right person!

Just like choosing a partner, you should also look for a suitable person as your sex friend. The difference here is that instead of looking for “the right person” you should look for someone who could give you sex without any other following issues. Ideally, you shouldn’t go for someone you already know, just to avoid awkward situations. Instead, give it a go with someone you met at the bar last night or look for someone on a dating app!

Rule #3: Set the red line

When things start going well, chances are that your connection may go beyond just the physical experience. To avoid ruining your special friendship, and most importantly to prevent unidirectional feelings make sure it’s only about sex by having just sex. Going out for meals, sleeping embraced or talking about ideal partners are the must Don’ts if you want to keep safe from emotions or anything that could make you or your friend trapped in unpleasant situations.


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