If your relationship is at risk because of your partner’s excess of jealousy, make sure you will save it before it’s too late!


Jealousy can be a love killer without rivals. It doesn’t matter how big is your love, that giant green monster can ruin everything with no mercy. If your relationship is at risk because of your partner’s excess of jealousy, make sure you will save it before it’s too late!

Let’s make this clear. Being jealous is a human trait, and it’s pervasive to fear losing someone important to us. But like everything, it needs to be measured, or it will harm the relationship.

Generally, the first thought is that the jealous partner needs to work on him/herself and have a little more trust in their partner. Well, this is true but rarely can work by itself. Sometimes a little help from the other partner can mean a lot and make a significant difference. So, if you are experiencing a jealous partner but don’t want to lose them, here are a few things you could consider doing.

Be understanding

People are not jealous for no reason. Feelings of jealousy can exist due to past events. They could reoccur in the present even if you did not give your partner any reason. Try to understand what the cause may be. Get involved with your partner’s issues and try to have a very open conversation. Being understanding also about the other side is an excellent place to start helping your partner with their concerns.

Tell them how you feel

Since it all starts with a conversation, should ensure it to be two way. In the same way, you talk about them and their feelings, you should be able to open up yourself and let them know about how the situation is bothering you too.

Show how much you care

The leading cause of jealousy is the lack of self-esteem and fear of abandonment. Maybe you’re having a busy routine and have not much time to spend with your partner. Whatever the situation, try to put a bit more effort and show them that you care. Simple and kind gestures in a day can do a lot and will definitely be a valuable source of trust for your partner.

Go to therapy

If you think that this issue is bigger than you expected, perhaps external help can be a better help. Jealousy is not a simple issue to deal with. It takes time and a lot of effort from both partners. If after a long time of trying, you still feel like at the start point, then going to therapy may be your last chance to save your relationship from that giant green monster.

Break Up

If after all the trying, you and your partner keep arguing because he or she does not have any trust, then you’ll have one option left only: breaking up. Relationships are meant to make us grow, individually and as a couple. If you feel like your partner’s weaknesses are holding you back, and there’s no way to make this work, then it’s time to go for the sad but necessary solution.


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