Whether you are skilled in flirting or not, today seducing someone is one of the toughest jobs.


It’s Friday night, time to go out, meet new people and why not, ending up flirting with that handsome stranger you’ve met at the pub…. Ah no wait, we’re in the middle of a pandemic and social distancing and mandatory facemasks are clearly a pain. But hey, being abstained from a bit of flirting is certainly not a good thing, and somehow the show must go on. You wonder how? Keep on reading!

Whether you’re obsessed with social distancing or not, you’re probably missing the days you could easily approach the first hottie that caught your attention and end up flirting like there’s no tomorrow. Owuuhhh… Those were good times! Unfortunately, things have changed, and whether you were skilled in flirting or not, today seducing someone is one of the toughest jobs. After all, how could you really enjoy a chat when you’re 2 meters apart and with an ugly mask covering your face? Well, don’t despair! There’s still hope, and we’ve got the solution for you! All you need is a spirit of adaptation and a good read of this post!

Your smile is your best accessory, but not when there’s a pandemic going on!

It’s well known that smiling is one of the most powerful weapons when it’s about flirting. But what are you going to do when you’re forced by law to cover your mouth with an uncomfortable facemask? Well, you definitely keep wearing the mask but let’s be honest, if you want to flirt, a covered face is clearly inconvenient. You struggle to communicate the way you used to because all your facial expressions are hidden and most importantly, you’re unable to show a big nice smile which is key to express interest to someone you like.

Switch up to your eyes!

Ever heard of eye-flirting? We’re sure you did and no matter how confident you feel about it, if you wish to conquer someone’s heart, now mastering the art of flirty eyes has become a must like never before. Eye flirting is a body language skill that can be very successful when trying to seduce someone you like. One simple glimpse can tell more than a thousand words and when done appropriately it can create immediate sparkle between you and the person you’ve targeted! Now that you know there’s still hope, let’s see some simple but very powerful tricks when eye-flirting…. Ready?

Confidence first

As you know eyes never lie. They show your feelings and mood without the need of any further explanation. When flirting, confidence is key. That’s why, when you approach someone, you must make sure to give a strong and confident look! In this way, you will give the first impression of a positive and bold personality.


When you want to express your interest in someone, there are different ways you can do it using your eyes. One of them is ‘peeking’. Short and brief glances that can convey your message in a very clear yet furtive way. This is usually when you are not close to each other or if you’re in a group where you and that person are not directly interacting with each other. It will instantly create attraction even when in a long distance.

Keep prolonged eye contact

Unlike peeking, prolonged eye contact requires a more extended and less furtive glance. More than a glance let’s say it’s a gaze. Make sure you won’t be staring at people because that would cause the opposite effect of what you want. Instead, while you’re talking try to hold their eyes for at least 4 to 5 seconds before looking away. You’ll notice if they do the same or if they turn suddenly red. If so, keep going! You’re doing great!

Eyebrow lift

Are you shameless and you want to tell someone with your eyes how sexy they are? Lift your eyebrow and give them a bold look in the eyes first and then eventually the whole body.
Do it if you feel confident enough and don’t worry too much. After all, people like to be liked. Especially after months of lockdown when most people have been in abstinence from any human interaction… In this case, a nice gaze that shouts “Look.At.That!” won’t do anything but turn them instantly on!

The pandemic has clearly changed even the simplest things in our life. Including flirting and dating. Ironically, it’s not the end of the world, but as human beings we need to keep these interactions active. So, don’t give up, and until things will get back to normal, keep your chin up, focus on your eyes, and keep on flirting!


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