online dating

Have you considered signing up to online dating sites, but wouldn’t know where to start? Worried you’ll make a fool of yourself? Don’t worry! Here are our top tips to help you get online with confidence.

The rules for flirting online really are not any different to offline, if anything looking for love online can be even easier! However, it’s easy to accidentally put your foot in it and lose to man of your dreams, so here’s some help with securing your next date:

Vary your photos

This can be a real problem for guys, as it can make them feel as if you don’t lay all of your cards on the table then it can be more difficult to build up trust – the foundation of any relationship. Pictures of only half your face, or only your breasts or bum, can actually turn men off as it looks like you’re only in it for the sex. Of course, with Gleeden we have our secure private albums which you can grant access to once you’ve got to know someone a little better.

Having only one or two photos can also count against you – vary things up a bit and show the world what you have to offer! Swap between a selfie, to a full length picture, to you in a group – have fun with it!

Get out and about

Try not to make all your photos selfies in your bedroom, even if you do look banging! Take photos while you’re out and about to showcase your passions and personality. Whether you’re hiking, wine tasting, or in the middle of a yoga session, action shots are a lot more interesting and give men a conversation starter for when they make contact.

Ask generic questions

Avoid ANY questions that can be answered with a yes or a no – that’s not a good way to get to know someone, and things will quickly fizzle out. Instead of asking if they’ve been on holiday recently, ask about their favourite place, or where they would like to go in the future. Be attentive and relevant, and always imagine how you would answer the question. If it’s a yes or a no, then rephrase it. 

Don’t make everything sexual

Many people are using dating apps to hook up with men and women and then never call them again. This isn’t Gleeden’s aim; we want to help you build a lasting relationship, letting you experience the attentiveness and care that you once had. Throwing yourself at the first person to message you won’t help you find love, and playing things slowly can be the better choice by far.

To this end, making all your conversations sexual, or suggestive, can hinder your chances – if a guy thinks that all you talk about is sex, then that’s all he will expect from you.

Keep the conversation going

It can be tempting to play the busy women, and deliberately screen your messages to appear more mysterious and elusive. But how would you like it if you were in his shoes? It’s not the 2000’s any more, and there is no excuse not to quickly shoot back a text or message. If you’re busy, just let them know – if they can’t understand that then they’re probably not right for you!

Putting too many expectations on dating sites

It’s easy to think that, with about 250,000 people signed up for Gleeden in the UK, you will easily find someone straight away. However much of online dating can be about patience – especially if you’re waiting for your ‘one’. There is one thing we can promise for sure though: you won’t find Mr Right unless you get looking!

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