Are you concerned that you’re not making the most of what you’ve got? Want to offer maximum pleasure to your partner, despite coming up short? It is utterly possible! Just because you may not be well-endowed, doesn’t mean that you’ll have bad sex, in fact this can be quite the opposite. Thanks to certain Kama Sutra positions, you can easily reach the 7th Heaven without any problems.

Who said you had to resemble a tripod to satisfy your partner? No matter the size, there are plenty of ways to help your partner achieve an orgasm – it’s not size that matters, it’s what you do with it! Here at Gleeden we have put together our top five small penis positions from the Kama Sutra to help you reach maximum pleasure with smaller tools.

The Spoon

This is position 99 in the Kama Sutra. The two partners are positioned on the same side, tight against each other, which facilitates penetration. This is done from behind and can be vaginal, anal, or both. One of the easiest positions, as the man moves their posture they can accelerate their partner’s enjoyment, while also attending to the clitoris. It also requires little physical effort for if you’re feeling especially tired!


Ideal for extremely deep penetration, bamboo starts similarly to a missionary position. The woman then puts a leg on the shoulder of her partner. A top tip is to swap legs every few minutes as this can be VERY tiring!


A traditional position, doggy style is a position that allows very deep penetration. This means that men with a smaller penis can offer maximum pleasure to their partner. The man stands or kneels behind his partner. This posture stimulates the famous G-spot, helping the woman reach orgasm more easily.


For couples, this position is very common. The woman rides her partner, comfortably lying on her back. The woman dominates rhythmically “dance”: she positions her body as she wants to find her orgasm. The little extra: contract the perineum in action to prevent the penis from coming out of the vagina too often!

The Union of the Butterfly

This is an acrobatic position, which requires some physical effort. The man sits, resting on his arms. The woman then wraps her legs around his pelvis, resting on her legs and hands. The man is able to find the best angle of penetration while stimulating the G-spot as he makes circular movements back and forth.

Whether you have a small penis or not, never skimp on ways to satisfy your partner!


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