38%of Brits admit cheating on their spouse after getting back to the offices. Almost 2 out of 4 declared this as a onetime escapade after months of lockdown with the official spouse.


For many Brits getting back to the offices after months of lockdown meant not only a return to socializing in the working environment but also a chance for irresistible escapades. A study conducted by Gleeden – the first portal for extramarital encounters in Europe made by women with over 7 million members of which over 250,000 in the UK – discovered that 38% of British citizens experienced an affair with a work colleague after getting back to the office following lockdown.

The study was conducted on a sample of 1,267 British users of the app and aimed to discover the cheating behaviour after the ease of the lockdown with specific interest at the workplace. Members who confessed their affair were questioned about the reasoning behind their behaviour. 39% confessed pure need for sex, 36% felt attracted by someone different than their partner while the remaining 25% did so to feel desired again. These answers where not surprising considering that more than 60% of the total surveyed members retain that the lockdown has negatively affected their relationship both and an emotional and sexual level. The study aimed also to understand whether the affair was planned or if it happened unexpectedly. To this question, 78% answered that they committed affair at the workplace without any previous planning, while 22% decided to opt for a date and meet outside the office hours. The cheating partners were also questioned to which extent did they cheat and whether or not they had sex. 38% of them confessed to having sexual intercourse, followed by 29% who did not go further than kissing. While 21% confessed just flirting and only 12% experienced foreplay. Finally, they were asked if they have the intension to continue their discreet relationship with that person. To this question, 41% consider their affair with the work colleague simply a onetime escapade, while 59% would do it again.

Extramarital affairs at the workplace are not a new thing among monogamous couples. However, the negative effects of lockdown on marital relationships were drastic, therefore, being back to work and having the opportunity to socialize again is a strong temptation for partners to break not only the social distancing rules but also those of the marriage.