Fancy Kinky Sex in the Kitchen? Bring out your kitchen gadgets. It’s time to get messy!


The kitchen is certainly not where just to cook and bake cookies. Let’s be honest, food is sexy, and so can be the place where you prepare your supper. You may be surprised but every kitchen has all you need to raise the temperatures and make things as hot as fire (and… We’re certainly not talking about the oven!).

After all these weeks of lockdown, feeling bored of the same old sex in the bedroom is inevitable. Even if you did your best to keep things hot with sexy lingerie or sex toys, needing something simply ‘different’ is absolutely understandable. That’s why bringing out your dirtiest fantasies and some utensils from your kitchen cupboards can be a good way to spice things up and boost your sex drive once for all.

Kitchen sex may be nothing new to you, and perhaps you find it even uncomfortable and unpractical. But what if we said that with just a bit of creativity you can have one of the best sexual experiences of all times? Having sex in the kitchen can go beyond the simple ‘sitting her up the counter’ or other predictable sex positions. Hence, we’ve got some tips on how to make your kitchen-sex kinky and naughty as hell! All you need is to check out and see if you have the tools we’ve listed below. If so, then you’re ready to go!

Silicone spatula:

To start, why not thinking of a silicone spatula? Nothing can be as sexy as a good spank. So, since we’re in the kitchen why not turning on your partner with little spanks on the tits or the ass? You won’t need to say a word to explain your intentions. The spatula spank will deliver your message fast and in a very effective way!

Plastic wrap:

Feel like tiding up your partner? Forget about the traditional handcuffs and bring out the plastic wrap! It’s easy and practical because is stretchy and it sticks to itself. Simply ideal if you like a bit of dominance play also outside the bedroom!

Turkey Baster:

Why waiting ‘till Christmas before getting out the turkey baster!? Use this to apply lube or any other lotion on your partner’s body, you’ll be surprised but in doing so you’ll both enjoy a very naughty foreplay time.

Handheld milk frother:

This may sound a bit harsh and perhaps painful, but nothing to worry about! It’s actually better than it seems! It’s a bit like masturbating with an electric toothbrush (LUSH!), or even better! Place the frothed part on the clit, press ‘on’ and let your partner giving you an unforgettable orgasm in your kitchen!

Would you like to add a bit more taste to your naughty sex in the kitchen? Let’s have a look at something edible from the fridge 😛

Chocolate syrup or whipped cream:

Using one of these (or anything similar) is like giving yourself a little treat while having god damn good sex! It’s like getting two birds with one stone! Apply them on the parts of the body you preferer (ideally nipples or genitals) and then gently lick them off and… enjoy!

Courgette or cucumber:

Do you need something to replace the dildo you keep in the bedroom? Why not using some special veg? Courgette or cucumber are both perfectly shaped and can be found with different sizes for every preference… So, next time you go grocery, keep this in mind and chose your vegetables accurately! 😉


Who said that popsicles are just for kids? If you’d like to refresh your sex and perhaps to add a bit of sugar, bring out that frosty, colourful popsicle and make it fun! You can start by licking it with a sexy look towards your partner or rubbing it on your bodies and genitals. Play with it around and even inside the vagina. The sensation will be just Astonishing!
After all, you’ll never be too old for an ice-lolly, hey? 😀

Well, hopefully, these simple but hot tips will bring your sex life to life again! Don’t be afraid about going further with other tools and be ready to get very messy! After all, this is what good sex is all about, right!? 😀


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