If you’ve ever had sex in the shower, you may have noticed that it’s not as good as you thought.


Yeah, unlike what you see in the movies, having sex in the shower can be uncomfortable and a really hard work. Unless… You will do it the right way!

When it comes to shower sex, the reality is way too different from the expectations. In fact, it can be more of an effort than pleasure! Finding balance on a slippery floor, while your bodies are bouncing is not the easiest thing to do. Add an accidental gulp of hot water instead of the orgasm and the game is soon over.

While shower sex can be a nightmare in most of the cases, it can also be extremely hot IF you do it the right way. After all the hot water and a steamy room can be really relaxing, creating the perfect atmosphere for an intimate moment together. At the same time, seeing each other naked and wet is can be a huge turn on! So before giving up such a hot moment with your partner, make sure you will have a read of this blog post and discover how to make this happen!

Safety first!

Because of the slippery floor chances to end in a hospital are high. But since we want to make this feel pleasant, first thing to do is to do it safely! And in this case a non-slip bat math is all you need! Believe it or not, but a simple math can make your sex in shower more comfortable, enjoyable and safer!

Foreplay before getting into the shower

One thing about sex in the shower is that it has this urgency to come and reach orgasm. Staying in a steamy room for a long time can become unpleasant and in the worst scenario you could even pass out. That’s why ideally you should start teasing each other and having a little foreplay before getting in the shower!

Careful with the showerhead

The water jet can be really annoying if its pointing to your face while having sex. That’s why before starting you should lower the shower head to your back or belly. This way you will prevent the water from going sideways while you are trying to orgasm!

Bring some Lube

Believe it or not, but water will make you more dry than wet! Causing in this way more friction that lubrification. In this case best thing to do is to use some lube to make your experience more pleasant for both.

Make it fun!

In case you feel a little more adventurous, don’t hesitate to use your sex toys! A waterproof vibrator or an anal plug can certainly increase your pleasure and make it damn hotter than it already is!

Sex in the shower may not be the easiest way to enjoy sex, but when done correctly can give you and your partner one of the hottest and most intimate experieces you’ve ever had together! Hope you will make the most of these simple tips and that you’ll enjoy your hot and steamy shower sex!


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