Most men love being in control of intercourse and sexual pleasure. It’s a matter of masculinity that makes them feel powerful and perhaps possessive toward their partner. This said, there is one thing that makes them instantly melt and lose control: Oral sex!


If you like to take the lead in the bedroom, then the practice of oral sex is the perfect ground for you. After all, who would say no to special treatment from their partner?

They love it and for good reason!

BJs are sacred. They are like receiving a gift or a flower bouquet. No matter how much your partner likes to be in control in the bedroom, if you will decide to go down on him, he would just let you do what you want to do!

However, going down on a man is often seen as humiliating and degrading for women. Bear in mind that there is nothing wrong about pleasing your partner when it’s all about mutual pleasure. When you are in a healthy relationship, oral sex can be really powerful and pleasant for both of you!

After all, even though you may be on your knees, you are the one in charge and in control of his pleasure.

Everyman loves getting head. However, not all men are the same. Their sexual preferences vary one from the other and getting to know the Achilles heel of your partner is just a matter of time and practice. BJ s are not always the same. And some are more special than the others. If you want to spice things up and give your partner a memorable BJ then keep on reading 😉

Your attitude matters!

Giving a BJ must be a mutual pleasure. The more you like it the more he’ll enjoy it. Showing your partner that you are enthusiastic about what you are doing is the first step for a satisfying BJ. So, show him you are having fun!

Be spontaneous!

As mentioned above, BJs are like flowers. And in the same way, they are more appreciated when received unexpectedly. Surprise him when he less expects it or perhaps in a very uncommon place and he will be definitely thankful!

Don’t target his penis first

A bit of foreplay before the actual oral sex experience can make a significant difference.
Start by touching, kissing, blowing him everywhere but not his penis. Tease him as much as you want, and you’ll not regret it!

Let your hair down

A simple trick that makes a big difference. If you have long hair, let your hair down in a way that they caress his genitals as you move. It will stimulate his pleasure more than you can imagine.

Make eye contact

A naughty glance when you are just about to take his penis in your mouth and he’ll literally explode! It’s up to you how long maintain eye contact, the more you do it the more he will enjoy it.

The “Lipstick technique”

To give a memorable BJ, you don’t need to keep his penis into your mouth until he’ll come. Instead, slow things down and caress his penis just with a delicate touch of your lips. It is a great way to increase his pleasure and also give yourself a rest without stopping the game.

Explore! Explore! Explore!

Besides his penis, there are many other areas you can focus on to give him a blow minding experience. Feel free to go around with your hands (and your mouth!) everywhere to find new spots to enhance his pleasure. Shoulders, the butt and the legs can be a good example. Obviously, don’t forget about his balls, the scrotum and even the perineum, which is the space between his butt and his balls.


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