Don’t let Covid stopping you from dating!


Covid has been a pain for everyone. But let’s be honest, at least we went through the worse when the weather was good during spring and summer… Because the weather was good we’ve been able to make the most of the ease of the measurements , such as doing activities outdoor and enjoy the summer with family, friends and why not with a nice date.. Most people dated virtually, but the sunny days so far have been a great opportunity for many people to finally meet in person and enjoy the perks of a real date. But… what will it be like when these sunny days are gone and we’re back again to the same oldy rainy British days?

Now with Autumn being next door we must be ready to adapt our needs not only to Covid restrictions but also to the weather… Days are getting colder and we must make sure that our date won’t froze in the same way… That’s why we have some original ideas for successful dates in September!

Bonfire night

Thank god Summer has been good to us this year, but now that days start to get cooler and cooler warming up with your date next to the fire is a great way to stay warm, avoid crowded places and enjoy a nice and romantic date!

Go picking pumpkins together

In times of Coronavirus and with the arrival of the new season you need somehow to adapt, right, and go creative with your dates. So here, this is a very good way to do it! If you live anywhere close to pumpkin fields, give a call to your date and propose this for the next time you’re gonna meet each other. Picking pumpkins on a date can be a very fun, give it a go, you may be surprised by how much you’ll enjoy your day together…

Carpark cinema night

So, let’s see. You both like movies but don’t feel confident about going to a cinema while wearing a mask and sitting next to other strangers? Go to a carpark cinema instead. You won’t need any mask and there won’t be other strangers around. It will be fun, safe, and most importantly romantic and sooo intimate!

Go Stargazing

Imagine the sky full of stars, add to it you and your date, a warm and cozy blanket, and a hot and steamy drink in your hands… That’s how you’ll have the best date ever in a cool autumn evening during the pandemic! This September stargazing can be a brilliant idea for a date, especially if you want to avoid crowded places! Just plan and make sure that your partner is up for something like this. At this point, find a place where stars are visible, make a nice playlist on Spotify, grab a blanket, and … let the stars shine on you!


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