Though 50 Shades of Grey may tell a different story, it’s becoming much more common for men to reveal their submissive fantasies and accept being passive in bed.

Let’s say your boyfriend told you he wanted you to be “more active” in bed, what are the first things which come to mind? Whips, leather, chains? Some stereotype of domination, probably.

Don’t panic! Domination can mean many things and there are far more subtle ways for you to dominate your man. Firstly know that domination does not require investing in equestrian equipment (unless you really want to!). To become an object of dominative desire, there are far cheaper options available: stockings and suspenders, latex, high heels, just to name a few! As long as you rock what you wear and feel sexy, you’re halfway there.

What about the sex?

You choose! A very simple and spontaneous way to assert your dominance is to initiate sex where and when you want it. After all, nothing gives you more authority than saying, with confidence and precision, what you want, when you want it, and when you’re going to get it. For example, turning to your partner and saying, “Go to the room now” will have a guaranteed effect.

Try different positions

Sexual positions are another great way to bring out your inner dominatrix. You don’t need to physically control your partner, but there are many positions where you can be in complete control of the movement. Being on top, for example, is a simple and common position where you will be in charge of the pace and depth of penetration. This can be partnered with toys and restraints as you become more comfortable with the position.

Playing with sensations is a cornerstone of female domination. Use a blindfold on your partner and tie them to bed so they are totally at your mercy! To make this little game even more exciting you can forbid him from making noise, not even a whine of pleasure. Threaten to ‘punish’ him if he breaks the rules. Caress him and tease him before riding him like crazy. Stop without warning and leave him frustrated, with all his senses on high alert, then slowly start to tease him again.

The ultimate domination

You could also try the most taboo area of female domination. Pegging is the ultimate practice for this and, after a little persuading, we’re certain your man will love it. This has been described as one of the most intimate experiences that a couple can experience. In addition to stimulating his prostate, the ‘main g-spot’, you will have total control over his pleasure and be undeniably in charge.

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