First dates… They should be such a fun time for you and your romantic interest. You’ve been talking for a while and finally decided it was time to meet in person. However, that’s when a new question arises. Where should you go?  

It can be hard to figure out where to go on a first date. Should you do the traditional dinner and drinks date? Should you go to the movies? Is a walk around the park better? There are many options available to you, but choosing the right one can be a challenge. 

To help you, our good friend Michelle G will share with you her best advice so you can decide more comfortably. She goes over the different options available to you and explains why some might not be ideal. For example, going to see a movie won’t give you a chance to talk to get to know the other person but you will have a great opportunity to smoosh. 

Follow her tips and you’ll for sure have a good time, wherever you end up going (although there’s no guarantee you’ll like the person you’re going with). 

To see more of Michelle G and become better at dating, check out our Dating Minute playlist on the official Gleeden Youtube channel. She has a lot of valuable advice on how to be the best at online and offline dating, which you can start using today.


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