Last week, we went over first dates and gave you ideas of location. Today, we’re going to go over another tricky dating topic : who should pay on a first date? 

Traditionally, the man would be expected to pay. However, this is 2019 and things have changed, including the way relationships are built. Men aren’t seen as the only provider for the household anymore and women everywhere fight for more independence. The man might want to invite his date out of courtesy, but the lady might also want to do that. Both could pay for their share or split the bill equally. 

Either way, this is something you shouldn’t be embarrassed of discussing with your date. Communication is the key of all successful relationships, so it’s better to make a habit of it right away.

To help you, our good friend Michelle G will share with you her best advice to make sure you avoid that awkward moment at the end of the date when the check comes. Follow her tips and you’ll look confident and make sure the situation isn’t uncomfortable.


To see more of Michelle G and become better at dating, check out our Dating Minute playlist on the official Gleeden Youtube channel. She has a lot of valuable advice on how to be the best at online and offline dating, which you can start using today.

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