To have sex or not to have sex on a first date??? This is the problem!


Have you ever been concerned about whether to have sex or not on a first date? The answer is probably yes. If so, this blog is the one for you!

If you answered yes to the question, don’t worry. You are among all other women out there who worry about the consequences of their acts on a first date. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding sex on a first date still exists. And even the attitudes are more relaxed compared to the past, women have to worry about negative judgments after a first-date-sex.

First and foremost, we would like to make clear that there is absolutely no one-size-fits-all to this issue. But, unless you have made a personal choice of being loyal the “three-date-rules” (which, as you guess, refers to sex after at least the third date*rolls eyes*), you have all the right to make your own decision and decide how to proceed with the rest of your evening. This said, if you want to have damn sex on the first night, just do it. If not, then again, it is up to you.

Don’t blame sex if he doesn’t call back

Many women believe that when having sex on a first date chances are that the guy will have less interest to see her again. This is absolutely wrong. If he doesn’t call back the day after, it’s simply because he never had the intention to go further. Not because you had sex on a first date! So, don’t blame sex, simply enjoy it!

Don’t fear judgment, fight it

Other times women are concerned because of the values that they were though. Unfortunately, many women refrain from first-date-sex simply because of other people’s judgment. They worry about being labeled as “B***” or judged as “tainted”. This type of thinking is absolutely old-fashioned. So, make sure you will not abstain from other’s judgment. Remember, it’s always up to you!

This said, having sex on a first date can be absolutely a good call!
Do you wonder why? Why not!

1. Is sex, and having sex is damn good!
Hooking up on a first date is a good way to cop off a fantastic night! If you both like each other, you have every right to down your drink and do the damn thing!

2. Chemistry
First-date-sex can reveal a lot about the person you dated. You can establish chemistry and understand whether you like him enough to see him again!

3. Break the taboo!
Now. We’re in 2020 and we still have to deal with such antiquated societal pressure! It’s time to break the taboo and do the damn thing you want to do! So, if You really want it, there is absolutely no reason to keep your sexuality on a leash.


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