Did you know that there are more than 12 types of orgasm that a woman can have?


Believe it or not, female sexuality has a lot to offer in terms of orgasm, and experiencing new types of sensations can definitely ramp up your sex life like never before.

Most women grow up with the belief that orgasming for them is more complicated or even impossible to achieve. Some resigned themselves to an orgasm-less sex life and consider themselves as part of the “not-able-to-orgasm-club”. No matter your beliefs, your age, or your sex habits, every woman can orgasm! And most importantly, every woman can experience every type of orgasm. No exceptions!

As mentioned above there are many different types of orgasms that the fascinating female body has to offer. Among many, there are 5 Must-to-have orgasms that every single woman has to experience!


The clitoral orgasm leaves you with a sublime feeling of relief after a few magical seconds of explosive pleasure! All the merits go to that tiny little gland that is at the top of the vulva: The clitoris, obviously! It is the most common among women, thanks to the countless never endings thank make it extremely sensitive and easily stimulated.


Unlike clitoral orgasm, the G-spot requires more than a simple touch on the “magic button”, since there is no magic button, at least it is not visible. But complicated does not mean impossible. Vaginal orgasm is more about your mind, rather than physical stimulation. All that you need is to open your mind, feel comfortable, and obviously a nice and pleasant penetration. You know you had a vaginal orgasm when you feel an incredibly pleasant and intense feeling of pleasure starting deep from the internal side of your pubis.


Now that you know that orgasming is for every woman, why dwelling only with one orgasm when you can have two!? Reaching 2 climaxes (clitoris and Gspot) simultaneously is absolutely possible, and when it happens, things will never be the same!


You may be surprised but having an anal orgasm can be more powerful than you think. Whether it is penetration, touching, licking, or fingering, butt play can literally get you over the edge. You know you had an anal orgasm when you start feeling an awesome feeling of pleasure that starts deep at the top of your stomach and radiates all around the rest of your body. Just wow.

Erogenous zones

Orgasming is not only about genitals stimulation! Our body is surrounded by a lot of other erogenous zones, such as elbow, ears, nipples, neck, and even knees, that can be stimulated to the climax!

Experiencing a new type of orgasm can catalyse stock energy and cause significant transformations in your life. It’s simply too good to be ignored and can be also way too easy to have. It all depends on you 😉


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