Enhance your sexual pleasure with sex toys, whether during solo or in good company of your partner.


Perhaps women are luckier than men when it comes to dildoes and all sort of sex toys, considering the illimited variety of types, sizes and shapes of toys out there. But who said that sex toys are only for women?

Sex toys exist for every gender, and every sexual orientation. So, whether you are a guy reading this article, or a woman, learning something about sex toys for men can enhance your pleasure during your solo time or add some spice in the bedroom with your partner!
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Sex toys for him: a flashlight male masturbator

For your solo sex, a flashlight male masturbator is a good one to start. You may be surprised because it gives the similar sensation of a real penetration and the pleasure is absolutely blow minding. Also, you’ll have the freedom of choice between different level of tightness and textures to ensure you’ll experience exactly what you are looking for from an intercourse. Now, you may thing “it can never be as good as a real intercourse”. True. But it is definitely better than using just your hands or some other old-fashioned lotions. Right?
Give it a try and you’ll tell yourself!

Sex toys for him: Cock Rings

If you are a beginner I a cock ring can be your best choice. They also come in different shapes and models and have different uses and benefits. What make is incredibly awesome? It increases all of your sensation magically all in once, giving you a bigger and harder boner than usual. Even though you have no trouble with that, a harder boner will definitely bring your pleasure to the next level.
It’s not only for solo sex, so using it with your partner will also increase her pleasure. Why? The vibration stimulates her clitoris, adding that bit of extra pleasure, which combined with your harder boner will literally blow up her mind!

Sex toys for him: Anal Play

Anal play can be the less common one among men. However, there are many who have changed their mind after trying. Like ring cocks, anal play works on your own or in good company of your partner. The anus has a lot of nerve terminations that can give you pleasure like you haven’t got before. So, whether you are up to try new thing or not, you should give it a try and see how good it feels! After all, you can never know until you will try!

Sex toys for him: Intercourse stimulator in silicon

Yep. If you want the real sensation of an intercourse, then this cannot miss from your sex box. Perfect to switch this up and put apart the old-fashioned hand jobs. This stimulator come in different shapes and sizes, so whether you like vaginal or oral penetration you can have them all! Similar to the flashlight mentioned above, it cannot be the same as a real penetration but, the feeling is really close, plus you don’t have to feel self-conscious or thinking about anything else than your own pleasure!

So, what are you waiting for? Give them a try and add that massive extra pleasure to your sex life!


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