Don’t let the pandemic ruin dating and romance. Here’s how to keep the spark alive through the screen of your smartphone.


The pandemic outbreak has ruined many of our plans, including our dating and romance. Yet, all is not lost since you can keep your social life still active, even though through the screen of your smartphone.

While until two weeks ago you could cheerfully enjoy online dating and eventually decide to meet up, now that is not going to happen. Proposing places where to meet and things to do on a date are now part of the past, at least for a now, since meeting each other is not an option anymore.
Even though in this decade online dating is a common practice, many are the people who are still skeptical and dubious about the nature of meeting virtually. However, after the coronavirus outbreak, online dating is seen in a different light, starting to become the norm as the internet is the only thing that keeps our relationships still possible. When dating online eventually everyone will transit from virtual flirting to an off-line relationship. Even though the second step is not likely to happen, you should not let this life-threatening virus kill your dating life.

Thanks to the internet, in fact, you can respect the social-distancing norms and keep your flirts and relationships sparkle even during the lockdown. So, instead of putting your flirts at risk make sure you’ll get it on with some tips we have thought just for you 😉

Virtual dates

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t stop dating, not even when there is a pandemic to ruin all your plans. This said you should be prepared for some small changes in order to stick to the rules of social distancing and maintaining your flirts active. Luckily, there are still many things we can keep doing from home, and FYI dating is one of them! So, instead of feeling hopeless, try dating on a video call. You’ll notice that it can be better than expected!

Call each other

Phone calls are also another way to strengthen your relationship even before the day you’ll finally meet. Ensuring one phone call a day is a great way to build your relationship and avoid the feeling of falling apart.


Depending on the level of your relationship and whether you feel comfortable about it or not, you can think of ways to turn him on. Turning him on when you can actually not meet can be a bit of torture for him, but this does not mean that he does not like it. Whether is with cheeky messages or nude pictures, being naughty is a great way to keep the hit on your relationship, hopefully until the day, you will finally be able to meet.

Virtual sex

The more time you spend “together” the more your need for getting sexual will grow. Now, even if dating over distance is possible, why not going all the way and spicing things up, at least virtually? Ever heard of sex on the phone or virtual sex? If you crave for feeling again the breeze of having sex with someone, trying something a bit different may be the perfect solution for you!


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