66% of wives confess sleepless nights being the main source of their infidelity, while 31% admit daydreaming about another man during the lockdown.


A snoring husband is certainly the last thing women want in the bedroom. Sleepless nights and lack of rest can be frustrating enough to ruin the relationship or, in the worst case, even to push the wives committing adultery.

In fact, while some partners find themselves re-locating to the spare room in the middle of the night in order to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, others seem to take more serious measures by opting for another partner rather than simply changing the room. However, like many other aspects of our daily life, also adultery has seen significant changes in its practice. In fact, while before the pandemic unhappy wives could enjoy good company with the other man, now fantasizing about the good time together is the only way to escape from their noisy husband.

While snoring can be harmful to the well-being of the other person in many ways, it can also drastically affect relationships and sexual desire. This is according to Gleeden – the first portal for extramarital encounters in Europe made by women with over 6.7 million members of which over 250,000 in the UK– who in the occasion of the National Snoring Week interviewed over 1,900 British unfaithful women to find out if their spouse’s snoring had an influence on their desire to have an affair. In this regard, 66% of wives in the UK admitted their husbands snoring to be the major cause for their infidelity. More in detail, 43% of them admitted that the lack of sleep causes them a sense of irritability and making them put less effort into their relationship. 31% admitted this to be a source of many arguments, while 22% confessed this having a direct impact on their libido and their desire for their partner.

When they were asked about their relationships during the lockdown, 31% admitted having daydreams about the other man. 24% confessed masturbating thinking of someone outside their relationship, while 25% confessed thinking about the other man while having sex with the current partner.

Sleep is central to our lives and also to our relationships. In fact, besides trust, communication, and obviously good sex life, being able to enjoy sleeping next to your partner results to be among essential elements for a healthy relationship.


*Gleeden.com online survey conducted from the 16th to the 23rd of March 2020 among 1,954 female users living in the UK.


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