Internet, together with all its resources has drastically changed the way people cheat. While in the past cheating was a matter of real physical connection, now internet has made infidelity interestingly broad and variated.


Chatting online with complete strangers is more common than you may think. With the incredibly varied source of dating apps, chatrooms and websites, people are interested by “meeting” someone outside the ordinary life more than ever before. Internet has made cheating really simple, appealing and most importantly: different!
What’s different about online dating is that unlike cheating and dating in real life, not always the naughty couple would meet. Now, if meeting someone virtually does not involve physical contact and, therefore, real sex, can online cheating be actually considered as cheating?

Online infidelity has different faces and can happen in different ways. While some people would interact with someone just for the sake of having fun and enjoying some dirty talks, for others the connection can become stronger and even involve emotions.

Let’s have a look more in detail!


Flirting, exchanging sexy e-mails, lewd joking. That’s all what cybersex is about. Nothing more, nothing less. Some people rationalize online sexual acts as acceptable and harmless. Simply because no physical contact is involved, that cannot be considered cheating! Does that make sense to you?


Online dating can reach also the person’s emotions. And when emotions are involved, the relationship become clearly stronger. Falling in love online may sound ridiculous, however, it has become more popular than expected. It seems, in fact, that most people show tolerance and understanding in front of online sex, while when there are emotions in the game the betrayal results harder to accept.

When it’s about cheating, opinions can be contrasting. While for some it can be insignificant or acceptable, since it’s nothing about real sex, others can be less happy about it, no matter the nature of the virtual relationship. After all, whether it’s online or offline cheating will always have that secrecy and interest for someone outside the relationship.


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