If watching TV shows that makes you both happy is not an easy task, we’ve got some interesting suggestions for you!


TV shows entertain us in many different ways. Fiction, series, documentaries… What if we said that there are some programs that can even boost your sex life? No, we’re not talking about porn! (Although Pornhub is always a good idea! :P)

TV viewing has sky-rocked during the lockdown. Which is not surprising, considering the amount of time we’ve got. But, what if instead of being lazy for hours in front of the tv, you could instead increase your libido, get excited about new things, and spice things up with your partner? After all, lockdown is the best time to do all things you wouldn’t normally do…

The British TV offers a lot of interestingly naughty shows, that can be entertaining and most importantly hot as hell! Check the few we’re proposing below, they will blow your mind!

Sex in lockdown: Keep shagging and carry on

This is a revealing documentary that delves into ways Brits have changed their sexual habits since they were ordered to stay indoors. Presented by Anna Richardson it has instantly made couples’ evenings on Channel 4 way too much exciting! It is about all things sex, love, and romance and it’s absolutely perfect if you are curious to know how people are dealing with sex during this unique time we are living!

Young Swingers

Who said that swinging is for old and bored couples who want to somehow get excited about sex again? ‘Young swingers’ is about adventurous couples who want to go beyond the limitations of a monogamous relationship and try all new things that are outside the ordinary! Unfortunately, is nothing you can try at the moment. However, it will definitely make you and your partner fantasise like never before!


Based on the book and blog by Karley Sciortino, this series will go deep down to female sexuality, gender, and love. An unprecedented tv program that will answer all your doubts about sex, romance, and more…

The sex clinic

This program literally cuts through the taboos about people’s sexual health. It may not make you fantasize about naughty stuff, but it’s certainly interesting to learn more about sexual issues and bring down any taboos around it!

Threesome dating

Have you and your partner ever thought of a three-way date? If not, this tv show will definitely change your mind! There are no limits to be adventurous in your relationship and your sex life. That’s why there is always time to try something new and different. So, why not giving a warm welcome to someone new in your… bedroom?

Being in a relationship is great, but sooner or later you’ll arrive to the point when you want more. So, don’t waste your time, have a look at these tv programs and enjoy the rest of lockdown with your partner! ;P


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