Beware of your voice, a recent study shows that even how you speak can give the game away!


Perfume, traces of lipstick on the collar, phone locked but always buzzing… These are classic signs that indicate infidelity, but your voice can betray you too. A recent study shows that even how you speak can give the game away!

According to a study conducted in America, some vocal and linguistic components can be signs that betray infidelity to your partner. The findings of this study were published in Evolutionary Psychology, where researchers used more than 100 volunteers to listen to voice recordings of men and women.

Could a lower voice give away your infidelity?

In total, a sample of 64 men and 88 women listened to recordings in order to flush out the cheaters. Then they gave a score to each voice, between 1 (not at all likely to be unfaithful) to 10 (very likely to be unfaithful).

Susan M. Hugues and Marissa A. Harrison, the authors of the study, chose “voice samples as similar as possible in age and tone so that volunteers pay attention only to the voice.”

Conclusion: Women with a low voice are more likely to be perceived as engaging with infidelity.

For men, the more serious the voice, the more participants (especially women) came to discover their infidelity. According to psychologists, women tend to associate a serious voice with men who lack sincerity, ironically. Moreover, the female participants in the test managed to better identify the cheaters than their male counterparts. So women are more likely to catch you out!

So extroverts are more unfaithful?

In addition, the study also indicated that outgoing people are potentially more unfaithful than others. Why? According to the authors of the study, “extroverts are distinguished by a greater variation of frequency in their voice, a higher quality of intonation, and less silent pauses; all of which strongly predict infidelity. “

Talkative people, especially those who barely pause for breath, are more prone to infidelity? What do you reckon?


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