Affairs are commonly seen as immoral and irresponsible behavior with drastic consequences for the relationship. Nonetheless, in some cases having an extra-marital affair results to lead to a healthier life and even the revitalization of the relationship.


Marriage and relationships can face ups and downs that are far from the fairy-tale we were taught when young. Relationships do not always go the way we expect them to go, and for one reason or another, cheating is most likely to happen among almost every couple.

Cheating is commonly seen as a selfish and unfair behavior considering the pain it can cause to the other person. However, starting to see the situation from a different perspective and with a more open mindset can help to heal from the pain, as well as, leading the relationship to a different level.

Why do people have an affair?

Before being judgmental against someone who cheated, it is best to consider the reasoning behind this decision. Some people cheat simply for the need of a transition out of the marriage, while others do it because stuck in a hopeless relationship from which there is no way out.

Mend it, don’t end it!

Sometimes, breakups and divorce are not the best options. And when no marital therapy can help to resuscitate a dead relationship, you find yourself with two simple options: to accept it as it is or to get what you really want. When your partner is inattentive or indifferent to your needs, thinking of finding someone who would give you the attention you deserve (whether sexually or emotionally) is something you shouldn’t feel guilty about.

Infidelity when considered from a different point of view, can be an alternative to marital therapy. Women who experienced an extramarital relationship confessed feeling more confident and self-assured. These mental benefits, consequently, affect positively the relationship leading the marriage to a different level.

Infidelity can happen in different ways, sometimes it will maintain a clandestine status, which when revealed can lead to a reconnection instead of a breakup. Discovering adultery can be harmful but in some cases, it’s a powerful wake up that can lead to a positive change in behavior. In other scenarios, it can be seen with emotional honesty. In this case, the two accept being apart but still in marital status. This acknowledgment is a mature behavior that goes against the social convictions and enables the two partners to enjoy again being in a relationship, feeling employed and more alive.


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