Having a drink facilitates communication when you’re out and about. However, as we all know, a few too many can quickly ruin your magic. Here’s why!


Drink or flirt: The choice

Whether on vacation, in a bar, or among friends, it is always easier to talk and seduce with a Mojito in hand. While it’s true that drinking is a great destresser, alcohol disinhibits and gives you confidence after all, you must be aware of moderation.

In terms of seduction, alcohol can significantly hinder your opportunities! Depending on the person, the impact alcohol has varies, and personality traits can quickly emerge and be exacerbated. If you get tired, angry, sad, over-confident… all of these can be negative traits when looking to flirt.

Alcohol can also make you limp (in every sense of the word), not what a potential lover is looking for! In women, even though alcohol boosts sexual arousal, it will decrease the lubrication and amplitude of vaginal contractions. Essentially, drinking is a sure fire way to have bad sex.


Why does alcohol make us think we’re able to flirt?

Alcohol is a psychotropic product containing ethanol, an active substance that has many effects on the nervous system. It activates the secretion of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, also known as “wellness hormones”. Their benefits are all needed to help your seduction: increase of the sexual desire, disinhibition, effectiveness of communication, and more.

While it may seem obvious, drinking repeatedly can increase the risk of addiction. Not sexy! Additionally, according to a study published in the scientific journal ‘Personality and Individual Differences’, excess alcohol demoralises drinkers, especially for those who already suffer from social anxiety, for whom drinking can lead to depression.


Some tips to follow

To conclude, the best way to hook up with someone down the pub is to drink in moderation. Drinking the odd glass of water isn’t a sign of weakness, nor is slowing down on the pints. Try not to drink more than whoever you’re with, and put the drink down on the table – keeping it in your hand will mean it’s gone in no time at all – along with your chances of pulling!


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