Travelling to other countries can be a stressful experience, but to make the most of it you need to immerse yourself in the culture. This isn’t limited to food and drink however, as a Gleeden user you’ve probably got more things on your mind. Obviously, don’t forget that we’ve got your back, so here are some tips to help out.

There are no universal rules for dating! Each country has their own rules for flirting and dating. If you find yourself abroad, whether for a business trip or a holiday, here are some tips for flirting which need to be followed. So don’t forget to do your revision before you leave!

The basics

When you travel in a foreign country, the temptation to approach the opposite sex and to flirt can be strong… However, it depends on the country you’re headed to. Take Germany or Canada, where women are expected to take the lead. On the contrary, men in Greece or Turkey tend to be the first to make a move.

While we may be a rainy country heading into Brexit, that doesn’t mean we can’t get it on abroad. In fact, keeping the British accent can be one of your greatest assets, especially in English speaking countries. 

According to a recent study, the most sensitive to the charm of our accent are Australians and Americans (44% and 71%). This is not just a little ego boost to us but actually comes in fairly handy!

Meeting strangers abroad

While it is commonly accepted that a British accent can be one of the sexiest, this can’t do everything for you. Take Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, or Greece), where flirting is very direct, which can sometimes be at odds with our more reserved sensibilities. In a bar, in the street, in the supermarket, or even on the pavement, be prepared at all times!

However, if you’re heading to South American countries like Argentina, Mexico, or Colombia, the best way to flirt is to get out and party. In these countries, which are known for their festive side, men and women express themselves through dance first and foremost. Think about booking a few lessons to develop your sense of rhythm!

Asian countries, in contrast, are known for being much more reserved. Don’t expect a summer romance in these countries, it’s far better to be patient and take it slowly!


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