Last week, we went over first dates who should pick up the check and why. Today, we’re going to go over another tricky dating topic : ghosting. And more specifically, what to do if the person you’ve been seeing ghosts you.

First of all, let’s define what ghosting is. Ghosting is what happens when you’ve been talking or seeing someone for a while and out of nowhere they cut all communication with you, without giving you any explanation. It can be very frustrating, especially if you like the person. 

How sad as that is, nowadays a lot of people prefer ghosting someone instead of actually breaking up or telling them things aren’t working out. The ghosts might think that it’s a good way to get the message across and that they will disappear without hurting the other person. They are very wrong, as most of the time, the opposite occurs. 

You’ve been ghosted before and would like a professional opinion on the matter, our good friend Michelle G will share with you her best advice to make sure you deal with the ghosting in the best way possible. Follow her tips and you won’t feel helpless or confused anymore (but you might still be a little annoyed at the person…).

To see more of Michelle G and become better at dating, check out our Dating Minute playlist on the official Gleeden Youtube channel. She has a lot of valuable advice on how to be the best at online and offline dating, which you can start using today.

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