There comes a time in every relationship where you start to become less intimate… Luckily, things can turn around.


When you start dating someone, it’s stereotypical to be going at it like rabbits. However, there comes a time in every relationship where you start to become less intimate… Luckily, this isn’t a one-way road, and things can turn around. Read on to find out how:

Dreams are a window to the soul

Erotic dreams speak volumes about unfulfilled or hidden desires. By keeping a diary of all the sexual scenarios that cross your mind, you unlock your sexuality. How? These dreams will feed your erotic imagination and inspire naughty scenarios to do with your other half… What woman has never dreamed (or fantasised) that a strapping, seven-foot fireman comes out of the flames to save her? What about a sexy plumber to clear out your pipes? Write down your dreams (daydreams totally count!) in a notebook and share them as a couple for naughty moments and to reinforce your sexual intimacy.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Once you have a scenario in mind, it is time to take them to the screen. You don’t need any technical skills for this, only a small digital camera or your phone. Just make sure to prop it up and let the video roll. Importantly, the goal is to recapture your intimacy; not to make a remake of 50 Shades of Gray!

Once filmed, don’t hesitate to make a small video by editing the hottest sequences! You can then watch everything back and admire your prowess, seeing yourself in this light can be a real game changer.

Talking dirty is sure to heighten the mood

We can’t say it enough, the key to a successful relationship is communication! To achieve this, you have to free your tongue. By stimulating your other half’s imagination, you also stimulate yours. It really is win-win! This works both in person and over the phone. Describing a ‘sexual menu’ to your partner which they can order from when they get home is guarenteed to have him chomping at the bit.

Another nugget: compliment your partner with sincerity as soon as you have the opportunity. Flattery will always boost their ego, so don’t skimp on compliments.

Dare to be bold

To foster intimacy, be daring. Step out of your comfort zone and add a little danger to your evening. Perhaps give it a go under a stairwell, go to a sex shop or online to buy a bondage kit, buy an erotic book and recreate a perfect scene. The goal of the game is to bring something new into to your routine.

It’s all about physical contact

To nurture intimacy keep the flames of desire burning, skin-to-skin contact is essential. Learn to rediscover your carnal wants. The sensual benefits of body-to-body are unlimited, and there are many ways to do this that don’t immediately need to lead to penetrative sex. Falling asleep naked, sensual massages, baths together, and many more!There are so many ways to increase pleasure and maintain good sexual health.


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